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Software Sub 37 Firmware Version 1.2.0 2017-02-13 ZIP

New in 1.2.0
• Full compatibility with Sub 37 Editor software
• Compatibility with Sub 37 USB MIDI driver for Windows
• Sequencer MIDI output: tied notes of the same pitch are now output as one longer MIDI note instead of multiple
overlapping notes
• INIT PRESET settings changed: lower Osc 1 Level, Osc 2 waveform matches Osc 1, LFO Sync turned off
• Fixed LFO 2 Rate MIDI CC response
• Sequence is now saved in Panel Mode
• Fixed Sustain Pedal function (MIDI CC 64 / CV Mapping: SUST PED)
Manual Theremini Editor/Librarian Manual 2016-12-21 PDF Theremini_Editor_Manual.pdf
Manual Sub Phatty Editor/Librarian Manual 2016-12-21 PDF Sub Phatty Editor Manual.pdf
Manual Sub 37 Editor/Librarian Manual 2016-12-21 PDF Sub_37_Editor_Users_Manual.pdf
Software Minimoog Model D Firmware v1.8.0 2016-12-19 ZIP

Prior to 1.8, when using your Minimoog Model-D as a midi controller, pitch wheel data was offset from the original note value. 1.8 fixes this issue.
Software Sub 37 Editor 2016-12-01

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For assistance please contact [email protected].

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Manual Model 15 Tutorial Reference 2016-09-16 PDF Model_15_Tutorial_Reference.pdf

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