Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Preset Preset Bank for Voyager OS 3.5 2011-04-22 ZIP

Update your Voyager to OS 3.5 then load this new bank for the freshest Voyager presets on the planet. Programmed by Miles Davis keyboardist Adam Holzman, Danish producer Daniel Muschinsky, Moog engineer Steve Dunnington and Moog associate Ben Hovey, these sounds span the spectrum from classic to cutting edge.
Software NEW Voyager Keyboard OS 3.5 2011-04-22 ZIP

Version 3.5 firmware for the Minimoog Voyager Analog synthesizer adds a number of new features, including quick save, category browse, and legato glide.
Manual Etherwave Plus Manual Addendum 2011-04-22 PDF

This Addendum will explain the "Plus" of the Etherwave Plus.

Ewave Plus Manual.pdf
Manual Etherwave Owner's Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

Etherwave Owner's Manual

Manual MF-103 12-Stage Phaser Owners Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
Owners Manual

Manual MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

Poly-rhythmic patterns, Playlists and more... Get the most from your MIDI MuRF by downloading the free Pattern Editor (go to the SOFTWARE tab). Take a quick trip through this informative manual and you'll be ready to create your next masterpiece!

Manual MIDI MuRF Manual Addendum - Firmware v1.8 2011-04-22 PDF

Covers the new features in the v1.8 firmware.

MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 adds new MIDI CC functionality including MIDI Tap Tempo and MIDI Stop Mode.

It also enhances the operation of other CC messages including Bypass On/Off, Pattern Clock Sync On/Off and Pattern Reset.


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