Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Software Grandmother Firmware v.1.0.2 2018-07-02 ZIP

If you have a Grandmother with Serial #781 and above your firmware is up to date and you do not need to install.
Manual Grandmother Preset Blank 2018-05-29 PDF Grandmother_Blank_Preset_Sheet.pdf
Manual Grandmother Manual 2018-05-14 PDF Grandmother_Manual.pdf
Preset All Sounds Subsequent37 Peter Dyer Presets 2018-03-30 ZIP

81 Presets designed by Professional synthesist and sound designer, Peter Dyer.
Manual Minimoog Model D App Manual 2018-03-29

Software Subsequent 37 CV Firmware v1.3.2 2018-03-20 ZIP

USB port names changed to "Subsequent 37 CV"
Fix for Offset/Scale
Fix for INIT PRESET bug

Subsequent 37 CV Firmware
Software Windows 7 Midi Driver v2.23.0 2018-02-22 ZIP

Installation instructions are contained within the installer program.

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