Animoog FAQ

Q: I just updated to Animoog v1.1 and can't launch the app. What do I do?

A: We have submitted version v1.1.1 to Apple, which will fix this issue and are awaiting their approval. Conversely, you can save your presets, delete Animoog and reinstall from the app store. WARNING: Deleting Animoog without backing up first will cause presets to be lost.

Q: Where can I find the Animoog User's Manual?

A: It's available for download here.

Q: I have an ipad and I cannot get any sound out of the app. It comes up and 
when I hit the keys they activate, but no sound. Please help!

A: First, note the hardware slide switch on the iPad next to the volume up/down buttons. Make sure the switch is not in the locked position (it shows orange if locked). This may fix the problem right away. Next go to the iPad Settings, go to General, and scroll down until you see “Use Side Switch To:”, and make sure this is set to Lock Rotation and not Mute.

Q: How do I export the song I've just created

A: With some audio recorded in the Record module, press the Buffer COPY button on the Record module.
This puts the audio onto the AudioCopy clipboard as a file called clipboard.wav.
You can do two things with it now: if you have any other apps which support AudioPaste, you can paste the audio from the clipboard into those apps.
To get the audio onto your computer, connect the iPad to iTunes, click on the iPad within iTunes and go to the Apps tab; scroll down until you see File Sharing.
Select Animoog from the File Sharing list and you should see clipboard.wav appear in the list of shared files.  You can Save the file to your computer from here.

Q: I have purchased an Expansion Pack, but I don't see the new Timbres or Presets:
A: More than likely, you purchaed the Expansion Pack, but it wasn't downloaded.
All you need to do is go through the process of purchasing the expansion pack again.
You will not be charged twice and this will unlock the new Timbres and Presets

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