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Florida based Indie rockers, Surfer Blood took control of the Moog Sound Lab to create this synthsizer based version of "Demon Dance," from last year's album Pythons

"Last May we took a break from our tour with Foals and stopped by the Moog factory in Asheville," frontman John Paul Pitts said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "What we found there included a room stacked with boxes full of covetable equipment and another room full of staff members hard at work soldering and assembling the legendary synths and spaced-out sound makers of the Moog name. Watching them assemble these iconic instruments and effects boxes would be enough to pique the interest of any music nerd, and we were soon anxious to pick out gear to use for our little session. "

"We started to hook together various Moogerfooger pedals, synths, MIDI drum trigger pads and a Moog guitar in the Sound Lab," Pitts adds. "The staff was patient while we fumbled through some of our songs with our new Sonic Palette. After noodling for the better part of an hour it became clear that the new instrumentation called for changes to the arrangements as well, and the next thing you know we were tracking a thick and futuristic rendition of our song 'Demon Dance.'"

See the whole interview over at Rolling Stone and watch for other Moog Sound Lab premieres.

moog sound lab rolling stone surfer blood demon dance MSL
Moog Sound Lab

Moog Sound Lab is a performance series where artists are filmed performing in the Moog Music factory in Asheville, North Carolina.  Moog Sound Lab is all about organic experimentation and is a unique opportunity for artists to explore analog sound-scaping, synthesis and effects.

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