Two Theremin Classics - DVD

Two video landmarks in theremin history - this DVD presents both the instructional video "Mastering the Theremin" featuring world-renowned thereminist, Lydia Kavina, and "Clara Rockmore - World's Greatest Theremin Virtuosa".

"Mastering the Theremin" covers basic theremin techniques in 6 lessons - and includes exercises designed by Clara Rockmore. Kavina also performs three of her original compositions for theremin. This is the main resource you need for learning to play theremin or for improving your technique.Moog Music & Little Big Films, NC, 1995. 45:01 minutes.

"Clara Rockmore" contains performances by Clara Rockmore as well as a discussion of the fascinating instrument. Newly enhanced, including an introduction by Bob Moog. This is a must-have for theremin enthusiasts.
Produced by Bob Moog and Moog Music, Inc., NC, 1998. 58:08 minutes.

The DVD is compatible with both NTSC and PAL formats.

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