Updated to latest Audiobus 3.0 SDK.



• Audiobus and JACK support for total integration with your other audio apps! Filtatron can act as a source, destination, or a filter for audio from other compatible apps.

• MIDI Mapping for almost every parameter! Use hardware controllers or external sequencers to control Filtatron remotely. Check the MIDI menu on the 'About' page.

• Share files from the Samples directly to SoundCloud

• Now supports iPhone 5

Import any song from your library into the hot rodded sampler that features unlimited length recording with overdub, looping, varispeed & reverse playback all at 44.1khz

The heart of the Filtatron is a four-pole resonant Moog Ladder Filter-modelled after the same filter that gives Moog instruments their classic warm, thick character.  Use it to shape the sounds supplied by the on-board oscillator, sampler and line input.

The Pads are an intuitive performance interface giving you hands-on control of all the major Filtatron parameters.  Use each pad to control two parameters at once.  There will be no stopping your creativity with that much sound control at your fingertips.

Sweeten your sounds with the feature-packed FX module. The Delay has incredible sound quality and can be modulated by its own LFO. Delay time is smoothly interpolated for analog-style delay time tweaks. Use the Amp controls for tones ranging from warm analog distortion to extreme clipping.

Explore the exciting array of included loopable samples or use the Sampler to record and play your own unique sounds. You can easily move audio files back and forth between the Filtatron and your computer and Audio Copy and Audio Paste allows you to share sounds with other compatible apps.

The Filtatron comes loaded with edgy presets that kick-start your sound.  They run the gamut from cutting rhythms to ambient drones to out-there effects workouts.  Use the handy built-in Email function to send your Filtatron presets to your friends and bandmates.

Learn all about the Filtatron with the detailed User Guide. Also included is a handy Glossary of electronic music terminology that will greatly enhance your understanding of the Filtatron and electronic music in general.


Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Manual Filtatron User Guide 2011-05-13 PDF

Quick overview of the Filtatron features and functionality.

Filtatron meets Richard Devine
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