Tara, John and Benge...Oh My!

Mrs. Analog Suicide herself - Tara Busch- just dropped us a line to let us know that she and two of the UK's other top experimental electronic musicians, John Foxx & Benge recently got together to collaborate on a piece.

Ke$sha gets $leazy w/Conan & A Moog Etherwave Plus Theremin

It's been a big week for theremin exposure on national TV. If Millhouse playing a theremin wasn't enough, last night Ke$ha demonstrated how she plays her Moog Etherwave Plus theremin on the Conan O'Brien show.

Moog HEARTS giving you stuff...Trivia Edition!

UPDATE: This TRIVIA question is closed! Moog has the fastest, smartest, wittiest customers in the world. We'll announce the 50 winners tomorrow. Thanks to all that played.

Every now and again, we'll do a little thing we call Moog Trivia. We'll ask you a question of varying degree of difficulty and if you get it right and get your answer in faster than the rest, we'll send you a Moog Pocket Protector.

So let's kick this off with an easy one...

The Big Move Cometh!

The Moog Music sign went up on the new factory last week for all of downtown Asheville to see. It's inspired by the Moog logo cutout, backed with copper, on the rear panel of the Minimoog Voyager XL. The sign will light up the AVL night like a Solar backlit Minimoog Voyager Select Series. Ooooh fancy!

Holy Pitchwheels, Batman! Minimoog tees for only $19.95!


The three Minimoog Tees designed by Drew Findley of Asheville's Subject Matter Studio in celebration of the Minimoog's 40th Birthday are on sale. Scoop up a 100% analog tee for the 100% analog love


MoogMusic.com Re-Launches Today
Highlights Company’s Rich History & Showcases
Its Instruments  & The Legendary Artists That Rely On Them

Asheville, NC – FOR RELEASE - On the cusp of Moog Music’s 61st anniversary, the North Carolina-based company is embarking on the next chapter in its history, breaking new ground in an industry it pioneered, via a fresh brand identity and all-new website that supercharges the storied brand and its unique electronic instruments used by millions around the world.

Voyager Flashing Pitch & Mod Wheel


This is a custom modification which drives the pitch and mod wheel LED brightness directly from the LFO triangle wave output, giving you an accurate and dramatic visual representation of the LFO voltage level at any moment. It comes with a small internal switch which allows you to set the wheel lighting back to "always on" in case of visual over-stimulation.

This upgrade is only available for the Electric Blue and Select Series Voyagers. 


Voyager Retune/Recalibrate


MF-104Z Analog Delay Spillover Mod


Learn more HERE

Bypass the delay without killing existing echoes with this "must-have" modification for the MF-104Z Analog Delay. Includes a switch for enabling and disabling Spillover Mode.

Imagine playing an echo-filled chorus, then switching back to playing a dry sound for the verse, all while your echoes naturally decay, or create infinitely repeating echo soundscapes then solo over them with echo-free.

This modification is compatible with and can be performed on all versions of the MF-104.

Old School Legato Switch and Velocity Curve Modification

Get it HERE

This is a factory upgrade only. Field upgrades are not available.

Treat your Voyager Old School to anExpressive Expansion with the Legato Switch and Velocity Curve Modification. This modification adds a host of new features requested by top players:

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