Minimoog Model D

For the first time since 1981, Moog Music has officially resumed production of the Minimoog Model D. The Minimoog Model D was the world’s first portable synthesizer and served as the archetype for all electronic keyboards that followed. First released in the early 1970’s, the instrument gained worldwide acclaim for combining the colossal sound of Moog’s large-format modular synthesizers with the accessibility of pre-wired modules. Over the last 40 years, some of the world’s most influential artists like Trent Reznor, Gary Numan, Dr.

Oscillators x 3
Noise Generator
External Input

Frequency Range: 0.1 to 20 kHz (In Six Overlapping Ranges)
Oscillator Stability (short term) > 0.25 %
Triangle-Sawtooth (Oscillator–1, Oscillator–2)
Reverse Sawtooth (Oscillator–3)
Wide Pulse
Narrow Pulse


Rate: 0.05Hz to 200 Hz
Waveform: Triangle (knob down); Square (knob up)

External Input
Input Range: +10 millivolts to +2 volts
Input Impedance: 1MEG Ohms

Filter Type: Voltage Controlled Low Pass (Moog Ladder Filter)
Cutoff Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Filter Slope: 24 dB per Octave
Filter Resonance: At Cutoff Frequency

Contour Generators
Attack Time: 1 millisecond to 10 seconds
Decay Time: 4 milliseconds to >35 seconds
Sustain Level: 0 to 100% of Contour peak
Filter Contour Width: 0 to 4 Octaves

Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (VCA)
Loudness Contour Dynamic Range: 80 dB

Audio Input Levels
1/4” External Signal Input
Voltage : +10 millivolts (min); +10 volt (max.)
Nominal Input Impedance: 1000K Ohms

Audio Output Levels
High Level Output
Typical Voltage: 0.5 volts
Maximum Voltage: 4.2 volts (peak-to-peak)
Nominal Output Impedance: 3K Ohms
Low Level Output (30 dB below High level)
Typical Voltage: 15 millivolts
Nominal Output Impedance: 1K Ohms

Headphone Output (stereo)
Maximum Voltage: 0.3 volts
Output Impedance: 8 Ohms

Key Action: Synthesizer (Spring)
Number of Keys: 44
Key Range: F0 to C4
Priority (Low, High, Last): User Selectable
Hardwired Connections:
Oscillator–1 (Pitch)
Oscillator–2 (Pitch)
Filter Contour (Trigger)
Loudness Contour (Trigger)
Switchable Connections:
Oscillator–3 (Pitch)
Filter (Keyboard Tracking 1/3)
Filter (Keyboard Tracking 2/3)
Typical Voltage: 0.5 volts
Maximum Voltage: 4.2 volts (peak-to-peak)
Nominal Output Impedance: 3K Ohms
Glide Rate (octave): 1 millisecond to 10 seconds
Pitch Bend Range: (+/-) 5 semitones (minimum)

Control Voltage Outputs
After Pressure (aftertouch): 1/4” TS
0 to +5 volts with user adjustable trimpot
Pitch: 1/4” TS
-3 volts to +7 volts. C=0 volts
Gate: 1/4” TS
0 to +5 volts
Velocity: 1/4” TS
Selectable 0 to +5 volts or 0 to +10 volts with user adjustable trimpot

Control Voltage Inputs
Loudness: 1/4” TRS
0 to +5 volts; +5 volts = Unity Gain
Ring connector allows pedal control via Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal
Filter (Cutoff Frequency): 1/4” TRS
1 volt per octave of change
Ring connector allows pedal control via Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal Oscillators (Pitch): 1/4” TRS
1 volt per octave of change
Ring connector allows pedal control via Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal Modulation Source: 1/4” TRS
Ring=Noise Send; Tip=Modulation Receive (This jack makes a normalled connection with no cable present.)
Trigger: +5 volt V-Trigger; 1/4” TS
Activates both Contour Generators

MIDI Jacks (5-pin din style)
Note On (Trigger), Note #
Note On (Trigger); Note #; Pitch CV; Velocity; Aftertouch
MIDI Thru Mirror of the MIDI In signal

Power Supply
Self-switching external supply; 100–240 volts;
50/60 Hz; <12 Watt nominal consumption.
Locking XLR-4 connector.

Dimensions (with panel fully lowered)
Width: 28.625” / 727 mm
Depth: 17.125” / 435 mm
Height: 5.75” / 146 mm
Net Weight: 32 lbs. / 14.5 kg.

Storage Temperature: 5F to 140F (2C to 60C)
Nominal Operating Temperature: 10 – 35 C (50 – 95 F)
Operational Temperature: 10 – 50 C (50 – 122 F)

Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

Moog Modular System Warranty


Moog warrants its Modular Systems to be free of defects in materials or workmanship and conforming to specifications at the time of shipment. The Warranty Period on the System 35 and 55 is two years from the date of purchase. The Warranty Period on the Model 15 is thirteen months from date of purchase. 

ALL service issues must start with either a phone or email conversation with a Moog Authorized Service Center (MASC). This will help establish the problem and the appropriate next steps. 

Gary Numan receives the 2016 Moog Innovation Award.

Moog Music is proud to announce Gary Numan as the recipient of the 2016 Moog Innovation Award.

Gary Numan Receives His New Minimoog Model D At The Moog Pop-Up Factory (Photo by Daniel White).

Numan joins past honorees Devo, Brian Eno and Thomas Dolby.


In the Arizona high desert during the annual Hundred Water's curated happening, Form Arcosanti, Julianna Barwick entered the Moog Sound Lab to record a performance of, "Look Into Your Own Mind".
As the composition ascends, Julianna employs 2x Moogerfooger analog delays to imbue space, while adding layers of the
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Introducing The Moog Model 15 App

Suzanne Ciani, one of the first and most influential female electronic music composers and synthesists, creates a short sonic sketch using the Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer app.
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Model 15 App

The Moog Model 15 App is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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