Stevie Wonder Talks Moog in Classic 1972 Interview

1972 was a pivotal year for Stevie Wonder.  At just 21 years old, he discovered a brand new instrument in the Moog synthesizer, gained artistic control of his music for the first time in his career, and was poised to release 2 of his most highly regarded albums, "Music Of My Mind" and "Talking Book".  

Many regard this as the beginning of Wonder's "Classic Period", and in excerpts from this 1972 interview, Stevie explains how the synthesizer contributed to his music:

"I feel [the Moog synthesizer] is an instrument and is a way to directly express what comes from your mind.  It gives you so much of a sound in the broader sense.  What you're actually doing with an oscillator is taking a sound and shaping it into whatever form you want.  Maybe a year and a half ago I couldn't have done these kinds of tracks.  I think your surroundings and environment have a great deal to do with what comes out of you, how you write."

Read the entire interview at The Guardian.


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