Remembering Bob Moog 5/23/34 - 8/21/05

REMEMBERING BOB MOOG 5/23/34 - 8/21/05

A Message From Cyril Lance, Moog Chief Engineer, to All Moog Employees

Hey Guys,

Before I delve into my afternoon task list, I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on the last five years. I met Bob shortly before he got sick and came up to “help out” temporarily while he underwent treatment. Of course, the nature of “helping out” changed very quickly as the severity of his condition was realized. I walked into the world of Moog as if being dropped from another planet and we hit the ground sprinting… a few months later, Mike called me to tell me that Bob had passed away, and I remember coming up to Asheville with my family to share in his remembrance.

As Mike and I were leaving the shop to head to the memorial service, he asked me if I wanted to take this position on. Even at that point, I wasn’t fully cognizant of what it meant to “take this position on”. Five years has whizzed by since then and I’m still learning what exactly was meant by that decision. I would have much preferred Bob to get better and for me to continue to “help out” and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way, but that wasn’t a choice that fate offered.

Through the last five years, I have been continually amazed and humbled working with all of you – in every aspect of the company. The support and camaraderie and sense of humor, dedication and vision have been really treasured by me. This has truly been a team effort and I feel just one small part of this journey.

Today, on the 5th anniversary of Bob's passing, it seems a good time to remember the man and the meaning of our work. Especially as we continue to design and develop new instruments, build the new Moog factory & prepare to celebrate Bob's spirit at Moogfest. I never got to know Bob well unfortunately, but those among you who did seem pretty confident that he would be very tickled by what we’re continually creating here. This is truly a special place and a fitting tribute for Bob.

Have great weekends!

Cyril Lance

Chief Engineer,
Moog Music Inc.

make waves. support bob's legacy.

bob moog

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