Recap Of Always On: 50 Hours, 50 Artists


Every thing in our Universe is moving. ‘To be’, means to be in motion. Great and small, at each moment, every movement induces a vibration, and every vibration creates a sound. All around us, the movement of a greater symphony plays out—in constant motion, every voice is Always On.

Always On was a celebration of underrepresented perspectives, told through the symbolic language of music. Just as Pauline Oliveros used reverberant spaces and the practice of deep listening to refocus perception and bathe in an ethereal world of liberated sound, Always On refocused our perspective to realize new perceptions--by tuning in acutely to the sonorities of the undercurrents, we can learn to float together in the deeper channels of experience.

Always On was a live 50-hour marathon broadcast from the creative spaces of 50 different artists, offering insight into the theory and praxis of a diverse cast of creators from around the world.

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