Playing the Envelope: Slim Phatty and Eigenharp

Playing synths live as individual unlimitedly expressive instruments, that's the challenge I've set for myself. 'Sometimes Is Not Enough' is a first exploration into this adventure with my Slim Phatty, a delay and a distortion effect. There's only one sound, crafted to be versatile and able to transfer the slightest nuance of the Eigenharp into music. Regular practise and careful playing is required to be able to convey and evolve the different themes, rewarding you with that intimate instrument connection that we musicians lust for. Each performance is unique, each emotion has its influence.

Geert Bevin is a senior software engineer and demonstrator at Uwyn and ZeroTurnaround. He has been performing, composing, writing, arranging, singing and playing the guitar for more than 25 years, solo as well as with various bands. Geert picked up the Eigenharp in 2009 and has been thoroughly exploring its electronic music capabilities ever since. His journey is documented at EigenZone.

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