Mouse On Mars, Kelela, KRS-One, Jon Hopkins and Suzanne Ciani Announced In Phase Two of the Moogfest 2018 Lineup

Today Moogfest announces Phase Two of the 2018 lineup, bringing this year’s current roster to nearly 100 musicians, futurists, artists and educators (and there is yet more to come). Heading up this year’s lineup are German post-techno pathfinders Mouse on Mars (two performances); R&B visionary Kelela; Boogie Down Productions cofounder KRS-One; and resurgent English producer Jon Hopkins (two performances).


At Moogfest 2018, artists will present new live experiences within a revolutionary audio environment: A3 (Audio Cubed). This immersive 360-degree sound system utilizes 24 independent sources, making it the most advanced sonic setting of its size for popular applications. Within the space, performers can articulate sound from every angle, enveloping the audience within an elevated multi-sensory experience.

Performances inside A3:
Mouse on Mars ft Sonic Robots and special guest Spank Rock
Suzanne Ciani ft LAYNE live score “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,”
Valgeir Sigurðsson ft Liam Byrne perform “Dissonance”
Yves Tumor ft visuals from Ezra Miller
Shabazz Palaces
Author & Punisher
Jenny Hval
Aurora Halal

Moogfest explores the outer-limits of performance through a unique series of long-form Durational Performances. Extended meditations on sound, Durational Performances at Moogfest span multiple hours to evolve beyond contemporary musical structures and transcend expectations of format.

Durational Performers:
Gabriel Andruzzi (hosting daily Sound Baths)
Wes Borland
Nicole Mitchell
Gareth Jones & Nick Hook

Moogfest presents a unique participatory experience through an array of workshops conducted by performers, creatives, and pioneering educators.

The following presenters come from renowned educational and academic institutions to share their insight into creativity (details on workshops from Moogfest performers coming soon).

Composer and sound artist Lauren Sarah Hayes of Arizona State will perform with hybrid analog and digital instruments, and conduct workshops on haptic sound controllers and how to create site-responsive sound environments.
Hacking expert, trumpeter, and multimedia artist Sarah Belle Reid of CalArts will perform in addition to conducting a workshop on interactive synthesis and the use of microcontrollers to extract new sounds from pre-existing systems.
NYU professor and electronic composer Elizabeth Hoffman leads a discussion on composing through empathetic and creative listening, as well as deconstructing the gendered voice.
Data sonification expert and Penn State professor Mark Ballora will hold a workshop on how to generate sounds using data sets and use these results to creatively compose.
Composer and sound designer Eric Marty of the University of Georgia will lead a workshop on integrating environmental sounds into new compositions using new technology.
UCLA researcher and deejay Tiffany Naiman will guide attendees through workshops focused on the future of human diversity aimed at discovering the sonic alliances we can create with deaf and disabled musicians through technology.
North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries will hold courses on developing a web-based programing language to create audio responsive 3D landscapes in a web browser for the novice and layman coder.
SETI Institute researcher and University of the Underground founder Nelly Ben Hayoun will host “Designing the Impossible,” a discussion on the sociological impact of new technologies, and the potential for innovation within multidisciplinary conflict.
Henry Ford Museum curator Kristen Gallerneaux will give a lecture on curatorial strategies for old technologies and their contemporary artistic applications.
Google Brain Magenta engineer Adam Roberts will hold a talk on exploring the creative potential of machine learning.
Duke University professor and dance historian Thomas DeFrantz and Duke’s Bass Connections project will hold a “Visualizing Energy through Live Performance” workshop.
Virginia Tech creative technologist George Hardebeck will conduct a workshop on using GPU acceleration to enhance video and image processing.
UNC-Chapel Hill ethnomusicologist Mark Katz will moderate a panel of global hip-hop artists on overcoming their nations’ free speech restrictions through technology.
SAS developer Elliot Inman will lead workshops on building 8-bit wavetable circuits and using Audacity to develop imaginary soundscapes.
Meyer Sound and Virginia Tech will lead daily workshops in the A3 to show the audio technology behind the system.
Moogfest Engineer Pass-holders participate in an annual, two-day workshop where they build their own rare and unreleased synthesizers. This year, they’ll be the first to own the Sub-Harmonicon, a “a semi-modular harmonic kaleidoscope that divides into itself until everything that is up becomes down,” inspired by the Trautonium, the Rhythmicon, and the Schillinger System.

The Moogfest Engineer Pass is a special Moogfest ticket that includes VIP access to Moogfest, a seat in a unique synth-building workshop with Moog Engineers, and a limited-edition Moog Synthesizer of your own to take home. Purchase your Moogfest Engineer Pass today to reserve your spot.


Moogfest 2018 celebrates the innovative spirit of Bob Moog and all of those designing instruments of change. This year’s festival brings together artists, musicians, inventors, designers, futurists and thinkers from all walks of life on May 17-20 in Durham, N.C. Purchase your Moogfest Pass today to be part of this year’s festival.


Learn more and purchase tickets at

Full Lineup

Adam Roberts
Aisha Devi
Alexandre Bazin
Alex Zhang Hungtai
Amber Mark
Annie Hart
Armen Ra
Aurora Halal
Author & Punisher
Carla Dal Forno
Caterina Barbieri
Chelsea Manning
Cura Machines
DJ Haram
DJ Stingray
Elizabeth Hoffman
Ellen Allien
Elliot Inman
Emily Sprague
Eric Marty
Ezra Miller
Fatima Al Qadiri
Gabriel Andruzzi
Gareth Jones
Gavin Rayna Russom
George Hardebeck
Helena Hauff
Helen Money
Honey Dijon
Jamila Woods
Jenny Hval
J Rocc
Jon Hopkins
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Katie Gately
Kristen Gallerneaux
Lauren Sarah Hayes
Lawrence Rothman
Liam Byrne
Little Boots
Madame Gandhi
Maliibu Miitch
Mark Ballora
Mark Katz
Midori Takada
Mouse on Mars
Nadia Sirota
Nicole Mitchell
Nick Hook
Nihal Mehta
Nelly Ben Hayoun
Pamelia Stickney
Psychic TV
Rainer Kohlberger
Sarah Reid
Sassy Black
Shabazz Palaces
Shanti Celeste
Sonic Robots
Spank Rock
Suzanne Ciani
Tess Roby
Thomas F. DeFrantz
Tiffany Naiman
NCSU Libraries
Upper Glossa
Valgeir Sigurðsson
Wes Borland
Yves Tumor


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