Moog's Synthesizer Residency enters final week

Moog's synthesizer residency at Rough Trade New York has entered into its final week and the sound experiments continue. The last week of the installation features collective improvisations curated by Luaka Bop, The New York Theremin Society, Ad Hoc, and Gavin Russom, featuring artists such as Delicate Steve, Dorit Chrysler, JG Thirwell, Rob Schwimmer, and Telecult Powers. The installation is free and open to the public from 11am to 11pm daily through March 29th, so don't miss your chance to interact, engage and experiment with the largest collection of modern Moog synthesizers in the world.

This week's schedule of events:

Tuesday March 25 at 8-11pm: Luaka Bop Presents Delicate Steve, Javelin, & Anand Wilder

On Tuesday, March 25th, Luaka Bop presents sound experiments festuring members of Delicate Steve and Javelin, as well as Anand Wilder of Yeasayer.
Luaka Bop is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. Founded by David Byrne in 1989 in New York, is home of Bright Moments, Delicate Steve, Janka Nabay and Javelin. Through its World Psychedelic Classics series, in which the Who Is William Onyeabor? is the latest release, the label has also succeeded at introducing long-forgotten artists including Os Mutantes, Shuggie Otis and Tim Maia to the world at large.

Friday March 28 at 8-11pm- NY Theremin Society Presents Dorit Chrysler & Rob Schwimmer

The NY Theremin Society presents Dorit Chrysler and Rob Schwimmer on Friday, March 28th from 8-11pm. The NY Theremin Society began in autumn 2005 after a series of conversations at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York with artistic director Suzanne Fiol, thereminist Anthony Ptak, co-curator Dorit Chrysler and the remaining original society members Armen Ra, Rob Schwimmer, and David Simons.
Dorit Chrysler also has a prolific recording and performing career as a vocalist, guitarist, producer and engineer. Embarking upon a solo career in 2000 and applying the theremin to her unique style of composition, she has performed worldwide throughout Europe and the United States, Australia & Brazil.
Rob Schwimmer is a composer-pianist/keyboardist, thereminist and Continuum player who has performed and recorded throughout the world. A founding member of the highly acclaimed Polygraph Lounge, Rob has worked with Simon and Garfunkel, Wayne Shorter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Bobby McFerrin, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Chaka Khan, Laurie Anderson, Bette Midler, Adam Guettel, T-Bone Walker, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and many others... 


Saturday March 29 - 3–6pm- Ad Hoc presents Telecult Powers

From 3 to 6 PM EST on Saturday the 29th, Mr. Matthews and Witch Beam will unite once again as Telecult Powers, performing a continuous improvisation on this massive Moog set-up while friends of theirs read from the very book they named the band after: Reese P. Dubin's Telecult Power.

Ad Hoc will be recording and live streaming this via ustream for all the internet to see. Consider this a kind of cybernetic ceremony of the occult. Occultism is woven into the group's aesthetic, and their live shows tend to resemble some sort of esoteric ritual. Witch Beam is immersed in Cleveland's theosophical community, and will be quick to call Michael Bertiaux the spiritual mentor of Telecult Powers.

Both Mr. Matthews and Witch Beam are putting out albums on 905 Tapes this coming week. The same evening as this Moog even, 3/29, they will be performing at The Ho_se for another Ad Hoc curated event. Witch Beam will be performing solo and Mr. Matthews will be playing in his new band THE CARVER with members of Grasshopper.

Saturday March 29 - 8-11pm–  Moog Music and Gavin Russom present MULTIPLEX/DEMULTIPLEX

Gavin Russom is a composer, artist, DJ and producer of electronic music. Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, he currently lives in New York City. Looking beneath genre and the shifting landscape of stylistic trends, Russom's focus is really the vital energy present in all earthly things and the ecstatic nature of reality. As a result his creative output, an attempt to continually liberate and channel these energies, often overlaps one medium with another yet still represents a remarkably consistent vision. At the core of his work are electronic instruments he designed and built himself as a way of deepening his creative process. Russom's most recent releases have been a product of The Crystal Ark, an electronic band he began in 2009 with filmmaker Viva Ruiz. The group released their debut LP on DFA in 2012 and has toured extensively as a 5-10 piece multi media performance ensemble since then.

Gavin has put together a group of uniquely talented people from around the NYC electronic music scene to join him in collective improvisation for an evening of Radical Synthesis incluing Sean Be, Tigga Calore, Aurora Halal, Jon Nicholson and JG Thirlwell.


The residency serves as a physical manifestation of the intersection of music, art and technology,and it is meant to be used as an artist's resource. The installation includes a producers station, drone towers, 10 voice polyphonic analog synth, 6 voice Minimoog drum synth, and over 50 analog effects boxes. All are welcome to craft sounds as well as bring a recording device to sample the instruments. All instruments in the installation were hand built in Asheville, NC at the Moog factory. Throughout the installation, Moog employees will be on hand at Rough Trade NY to assist artists with the gear.


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