Moogfest 2014 Engineer Workshop [Werkstatt]

During Moogfest 2014, 125 people took advantage of a unique opportunity to build Werkstatt, a new Moog analog synthesizer designed by Moog engineers specifically for educational purposes. This would mark Moog's first workshop since 1997, when Bob Moog conducted a theremin building workshop in Portland, Maine. Over the course of two days in the midst of Moogfest's other events, the workshop participants took time out to learn analog circuitry and the principles of subtractive synthesis under the guidance of the Moog engineers in the Moog Factory.

After a short review of basic electronic theory, the class soldered through their Werkstatt build discovering the fundamentals of analog synth design along the way.  During the 2-day synth building workshop, class members learned about the analog circuits of this highly hackable synth from the component-level. With the Moog engineers on hand to personally assist each person with their build, participants of all skill levels were able to discover the beauty and the power of analog circuitry at their own pace.

After each participant completed their build and passed successful testing, they received a special serial number indicating their Werkstatt as one of 125 unique proto units built during the Moogfest 2014 Engineer Workshop. This workshop was a very special experience for the Moog engineers and it was an honor to open the doors of the Moog factory to those that want to learn more about synthesis. Thanks to everyone that participated in the workshop and for helping to remind us why we are so passionate about analog circuit design.

For a more detailed report on the Moogfest Engineering VIP Workshop visit Cory Banks' post on BBoy Techreport.

photo via bboytechreport

Many workshop participants have continued their analog exploration by significantly expanding the creative sonic possibilities of Werkstatt:   


Since Moogfest 2014, numerous requests have been made to offer Werkstatt to the general public.  After weeks of development, Moog Music has designed a no-soldering version of the Werkstatt kit that still allows users to explore analog synth circuits in a meaningful way.

An extremely limited run of the modified Werkstatt-Ø1 Moogfest 2014 Analog Synthesizer are available for pre-order [$329] through select authorized Moog Dealers: 

Switched On
Perfect Circuit Audio
Analogue Haven
Big City Music
Midwest Pro Sound
Nova Musik
Foxtone Music
Main Drag Music
Sweetwater Sound
Alto Music
Three Wave Music
Control Voltage

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