Minitaur Editor Librarian

The Minituar Editor Librarian (BETA version) is now shipping via email to all registered owners of Minitaur.

The Minitaur Editor Librarian for Mac and PC is a free standalone control application
for the Minitaur Analog Bass synthesizer.

With it, you can control the Minitaur's parameters directly from your computer, including a host of "under the hood" parameters not accessible from the Minitaur front panel. 

The Minitaur Editor Librarian also allows you to create, edit and save presets, bringing virtually unlimited preset memory to the Minitaur.

Controls include:
• Random Preset Generator
• Capture Settings from Hardware
• VCO 2 Beat
• Note Sync
• Filter Keyboard Tracking
• Filter & Volume EG Velocity Sensitivity
• Trigger Mode
• Key Priority
• Glide Type
• Legato Glide
• Pitch Bend up and down amount
• LFO Clock Divider
• LFO Key Trigger
• External Audio In level

The Minitaur Editor Librarian is a free download for registered owners of a Minitaur. If you are a Minitaur owner and would like the free Editor Librarian, register your Minitaur today at:

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