Minimoog: Anatomy of the World's First Portable Synthesizer

Curious about the origins of the Minimoog and the science behind its iconic sound?  The Technology & Digital Culture reporters over at Mashable have an article on the inception of the Minimoog. 

Via Mashable:

Minimoog: Anatomy of the World's First Portable Synthesizer

"What would modern music sound like, were it not for the synthesizer? Electropop wouldn't exist, Ellie Goulding would be an acoustic act, and the Beatles' Abbey Road wouldn't have as much pizzazz. While modular synthesizers existed and were used in music studios, it's the Minimoog — the first portable analog synthesizer and the first-ever electronic analog instrument, pioneered by Robert Moog — that changed the sound of music. It graced the music scene in the 1970s, introducing electronic sound modulations to the music-making process and dramatically expanding the kinds of sounds that could be produced by an instrument."

Read the whole article 'Minimoog: Anatomy of the World's First Synthesizer" over at Mashable.


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