Google Open Sources The Moog Doodle

Moog Music is honored by the continued interest in the Bob Moog Google Doodle created for Dr. Moog’s 78th birthday.  Google has just open sourced the Moog Doodle in the hopes that programmers will take their work and improve on it, all while providing a complex example of the Web Audio pipeline.  While the Moog Doodle lives on in the doodle archive, the standards around which it was constructed have rapidly evolved resulting in new possibilities for coders.  We are excited to see the innovation and modifications that will come from the open source doodle.  Those interested in taking part in the project can find info at Google’s official site.

Might this be a contest in the making……


New to the Bob Moog Google Doodle?

Check out our quick start guide. 

See our Chief Engineer Cyril Lance give an overview of the Moog Doodle’s capabilities.

Learn about the Minimoog, the inspiration behind the doodle, here.

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