Farewell Moogerfooger

Today we say farewell to the Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects after a 20-year production run. As one of the longest running lines in the Moog Factory, the Moogerfooger family holds a special place in our hearts. We will continue building a limited quantity of units here at the Moog Factory while our remaining inventory of parts and materials last.

The Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects was first introduced by Bob Moog in 1998 with two pedals based on original Moog synth-module designs: the MF-101 Low Pass Filter and the MF-102 Ring Modulator. A year later, they were joined by the MF-103 12-Stage Phaser. Their voltage-controlled capabilities allowed the functions of one Moogerfooger to interact with the functions of another, inviting artists to explore a limitlessly reconfigurable sonic landscape. During its 20-year run, the Moogerfooger line evolved to include over 20 different variations, with various designs moving in and out of production over the years. Today, the three remaining Moogerfoogers currently produced in the Moog Factory are the same three that started this journey, the MF-101, MF-102, and MF-103.

These units are available for a limited time through authorized Moog Dealers.

To illustrate the sonic flexibility and organic beauty of Moogerfooger analog effects, ambient electronic composer Colleen has created A Flame Variations, an exclusive live EP of explorations recorded in the Moog Soundlab, drawing from the chord structures of her album A flame my love, a frequency.Using a Pocket Piano, Septavox, her voice, and an array of Moogerfoogers, Colleen creates an interconnected system through we she explores the sonic concepts of color, texture, and pattern.

Contact your local Moog Dealer to learn more about Moogerfooger analog effects today.

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