August 1969: Beatles Use Moog Synthesizer On Abbey Road Sessions

This month marks the 45th anniversary of the Abbey Road recording sessions that found the Beatles experimenting in the studio with a brand new instrument: the Moog synthesizer.  In the early weeks of August 1969, George Harrison brought his newly acquired Moog synthesizer into the studio to finish tracking on the Abbey Road sessions.  In this quote from the Beatles Anthology, Harrison describes the new instrument, "I first heard about the Moog synthesizer in America.  I had to have mine made specially, Mr Moog had only just invented it.  It was enormous, with hundreds of jackplugs and 2 keyboards."  

Released commercially in 1969, Abbey Road represents the last time all four Beatles would appear together in the studio and the only Beatles record to feature the synthesizer.  The Moog synthesizer's unique electronic sound made it into the final mix of 4 of Abbey Road's tracks:  Maxwell's Silver Hammer, I Want You (She's So Heavy), Here Comes The Sun and Because.  All four tracks can be heard in the links below.

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