Retro Synth Ads

A collection of Moog advertising spanning the history of the company and its products (via Retro Synth Ads).


Moog Ten Band Graphic Equalizer and Three Band Parametric Equalizer from page 9 in Contemporary Keyboard Magazine April 1978. This ad popped up in Contemporary Keyboard in April 1978 and continued to run in the following two issues. Then it ran again in September 1978.


Moog Satellite reference sheet on the Minitmoog from the 1970s.


Moog (Norlin) Multimoog from page 39 of Contemporary Keyboard magazine April 1979.


Moog Multimoog synthesizer from page 9 of Contemporary Keyboard magazine September 1978.


Moog Prodigy synthesizer advertisement from page 91 of Contemporary Keyboard February 1980.


Moog Prodigy advertisement #2 from page 67 in Contemporary Keyboard Magazine November 1980.


Moog Polymoog Synthesizer ad from page 5 of Contemporary Keyboard Magazine June 1977.


Moog Rogue advertisement from page 39 in Keyboard Magazine, June 1982.


Moog Rogue 1/3-page square advertisement from page 25 in Keyboard Magazine March 1983.


Moog Rogue synthesizer advertisement from page 15 in Keyboard Magazine, November 1981.


Moog Satellite reference sheet from the 1970s.


Moog Source advertisement from page 71 in Contemporary Keyboard Magazine July 1981.


Thanks to Retro Synth Ads for keeping this amazing archive of vintage synthesizer ads! Please visit their site to view their collection in its entirety.

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