Moog Product Timeline

A timeline of Moog instruments from 1954-1981

Theremin Model 201, 1954

Theremin Model 351, 1954

Melodia Theremin, 1961First Moog Modular, 1964

Moog Modular, 1965Moog Modular, 1967Moog Modular 1c, 1968Sonic V, later released as the Sonic VI in 1972

Minimoog Model D, 1972Moog Satellite, 1973Moog Modular 15, 1974Micromoog, 1975

Minitmoog, 1975Polymoog, 1975Multimoog, 1975

Taurus 1, 1978Moog Prodigy, 1979Moog Opus, 1980Moog Liberation, 1980Moog Rogue, 1981Moog AccessoriesMemorymoog, 1981Moog Source, 1981Taurus 2, 1981


Photots courtesy of Moog Archives.  Special thanks to Roger Luther.

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