The Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

Moog Music Inc. is proud to present Dr. Joseph Akins’ five part series on the fundamentals of synthesizer programming.  Dr. Akins is an associate professor at Middle Tennessee State University and strives to teach his students a complete understanding of synthesizers and computers as tools for modern music production. In this five part, series Dr. Akins uses a Voyager to teach the process through which a synthesizer’s sound is generated and the techniques needed to program your own sounds and sonic experiments. In part five of this series, Joseph Akins explains the operation and purpose of the low frequency oscillator or LFO.


In part four of this five part series Dr. Akins gives an in depth lesson on the envelope generator. 

In part three Dr. Akins explains modifiers and filters.

In part two of this series Dr. Akins goes over operation of a synthesizer's two main sound sources, the oscillators and the noise generator. 

Be sure to check out part 1 below for a brief history of synthesizers and a basic operational overview.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Akins and his work at Middle Tennessee State University or purchase his book visit his website.




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