Bob Moog On Synthesizers: Low Pass Filters, May/June 1976

Bob Moog started writing his column, "On Synthesizers" for Keyboard Magazine in 1975.  This column appears in the May/June 1976 issue and discusses how basic low pass filters work to color the sound of a synthesizer.

Articles courtesy of Keyboard Magazine


Download previous installments of Bob Moog's "On Synthesizers" column for Keyboard magazine below.


Velocity Sensitivity Jan1985.pdf1.73 MB
Digital Sampling Keyboards pt1 Sep1985.pdf2.03 MB
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Digital Sampling Keyboards pt4 Feb1986.pdf5.49 MB
Monophonic Synth Controls Sep1979.pdf5.66 MB
Low Pass Filters MayJune1976.pdf1.7 MB

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