Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Manual Blank Mother-32 Patch Sheet 2016-03-01 PDF Mother_32_Patch_Sheet.pdf
Manual 953 Quickstart Guide 2015-12-15 PDF 953_quickstart_10_27[1].pdf
Manual MF Flange Manual 2015-10-08 PDF MF_Flange_Manual_Print.pdf
Manual Mother-32 Manual 2015-10-01 PDF Mother_32_Manual_Web_1st_Run.pdf
Manual Mother-32 Quickstart Guide 2015-10-01 PDF MOTHER-32_Quickstart.pdf
Software Sub 37 Firmware Version 1.1.0 2015-05-22 ZIP

New in 1.1.0
• Sequencer Step Edit Mode
• Quick mapping of programmable Mod Destinations
• Sequences can now include Skipped Steps and Ratchet
• Swing for the Arpeggiator, Sequencer, & Synced LFOs.
• Sequencer Mod Destination
• Sequencer Mod Only
• CV Mapping
• Variance parameter for detuning of oscillators
• Fixed sequencer MIDI output now sends MIDI notes for both Pitch 2 & Pitch 1 when in Duo Mode.
• Fixed when LATCH is on, playing a key, changing KB OCTAVE and then playing the same key now updates the played octave correctly.
• Fixed Amp EG Latch ON no longer affects Filter EG.
• Fixed Preset Name now updates when you INIT the preset.
• Fixed Pitch Bend Up/Down changes now take effect when Local Control is OFF.

• Refer to Sub 37 Manual for complete list of changes in v1.1.0
Preset Factory Presets v1_1 2015-05-01 ZIP

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