Self Titled

ANALOG INSPIRATION | Every Moog instrument is created to inspire. Armed with Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies deck and a pile of analog gear, three divergent producers ( Gavin Russom | Laurel Halo | Brenmar ) created a unique EP for Moog and Self-Titled Magazine.

BRENMAR || BE EXTRAVAGANT | With a style rooted firmly in club music, it was serendipitous for Brenmar to draw a card encouraging extravagance. Using a battery of Moog gear to generate custom Moog samples, Brenmar's "Moog Beat" is an over-the-top club banger with plenty of analog flavor. Learn more about his process for creating the track HERE.
"I'm a sound nerd at the end of the day; actually playing with knobs and waveforms in real time is so great."

Brenmarphotography by shawn brackbill

LAUREL HALO || REMEMBER THOSE QUIET EVENINGS| Known for her ambient yet organized style, Laurel Halo took the charge of her card to heart. Employing a battery of Moog gear, "M-14" is a free flowing exercise that encourages the listener to lose themselves in the sonically unconventional. Learn about her process HERE.
""This project was a good way to explore both a looser sound and writing that places a premium on mood and timbre before structure and complexity."

Laurelphotography by shawn brackbill

GAVIN RUSSOM || SPECTRUM ANALYSIS| Drawing the 'Spectrum Analysis' card and armed with a battery of Moog gear, Gavin Russom set off crafting what he calls a "holistic workout": an organic opus that grows and evolves over the course of 11 minutes. Learn about his process HERE.
"I found interesting ways to use the new Moog gear, playing the knobs live and thinking of ways to use each piece that might not be the standard "set and forget" approach. Keeping everything moving like that made each sound feel alive."

Gavinphotography by shawn brackbill

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