Moog Sound Lab | Phantogram

Phantogram came in to the Moog Sound Lab and re-imagined their unreleased song, "16 Years."      




Little Dragon

Twin Shadow





Vocalist/keyboardist Sarah Barthel sings hauntingly through an MF-104Z Analog Delay while playing not one, but two Moog synthesizers. Her left hand is in charge of the Minimoog Voyager Select Series providing big fat bass lines; the Little Phatty Stage II is arpeggiating in latch mode throughout the entire song. It is also being MIDI synced with the drum machine that percussionist Tim Oakley is performing on. In addition to the drum machine, Tim uses the Minimoog Voyager XL for a percussive sound.

Meanwhile, guitarist/vocalist Josh Carter covers both the full sustain and the mute modes of the Moog Guitar. Going through an MF-104Z Analog Delay and the MF-102 Ring Modulator, Josh creates an ethereal backdrop with the tremolo arm of the Moog Guitar..

Moog Sound Lab

Moog Sound Lab is a performance series where artists are filmed performing in the Moog Music factory in Asheville, North Carolina.  Moog Sound Lab is all about organic experimentation and is a unique opportunity for artists to explore analog sound-scaping, synthesis and effects.


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We actually used the Moogerfooger analog delay into the 12 stage phaser to get the vocal delay, cuts off the top and makes the swirl on the tails... we also ran Tim's drum machine through Moogerfoogers, at least one lfo and the freq box. It was a great day, can't wait to go back!
its simply beautimus maximas..tears
Man i love phantogram
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