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Minitaur Rev 2

Moog Product Development Specialist, Amos Gaynes, introduces Minitaur Revolution 2. REV 2 adds localy stored presets, assignable CV, CV to Midi conversion as well as an update to the Minitaur editor/librarian.

Minitaur REV 2 owners can now create up to 100 presets and store them directly within their Minitaur. Presets are managed from within the free Editor/Librarian software and can be conveniently recalled from the Minitaur’s front panel controls.

Also in REV 2, a new operational mode for the Decay/Release knob provides users independent control of Decay and Release times from Minitaur’s front panel. Users can easily switch between this new mode and Minitaur’s legacy mode from the front panel.

In addition, Minitaur’s CV and Gate inputs are now assignable from the Minitaur Editor/Librarian software. The Pitch and Mod CV inputs can be routed to any function, while the Gate input can be routed to functions with on/off behavior. REV 2 also enables Minitaur to effectively function as an intuitive CV to MIDI converter.

Learn more about Minitaur REV 2 here.

Product Demos

This section features a collection of videos demonstrating some of the vast sound possibilities of Moog gear.  These videos are a great way to learn how you can connect to the world of creativity and expression available with Moog musical instruments.


Incredible Amos! I'm really enjoying Rev. 2, thank you very much. synthaxe
My Minitaur is registered (last September) but for the life of me I cannot find the damn Rev2 Editor download link anywhere. Got the OS update, got the manual update, but can't find the flipping Editor software. Anyone?!
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