How many times have you wondered, "Why aren't there any NEW effects?" Whether you play guitar, bass, keyboard, make beats, or work in the studio - most effects boxes are based on the same old classics. The Moogerfooger MF-105 MuRF is the antidote to generic, boring effects.

MuRF stands for "Multiple Resonance Filter Array". What this means is the MuRF has 8 filters - their levels are controlled by 8 sliders. It looks like a graphic eq, but the sound of the filters are very different: warm and resonant.

What is really unique is the ability to animate the levels of the 8 filters in up to 24 preset patterns. The rate of the patterns can be set by a knob, expression pedal, or plug a footswitch into the tap tempo input to match the rate to the tempo of your song. Rhythmic variations can be created by adjusting the levels of the filters. The Envelope control sets the shape of the modulation, which can be set for percolating techno rhythmic modulation or shimmering timbral morphing. Other controls include Input Drive, Output Level and Wet/Dry Mix.

In addition to the full range of Control Voltage inputs, it also sports an extensive MIDI implementation. Create tempo-synced filter sequences with MIDI Clock Sync. Change patterns with MIDI Program Change messages. Control front panel knob settings with MIDI CC messages and play the filters in real-time with MIDI Note On commands.

MuRF shares the musician-oriented features that are common to all Moogerfoogers. All the audio processing is 100% genuine analog, for warm, fat sound quality. Any line level or instrument level audio signal may be processed. Wide-ranging player parameters may be controlled from the panel knobs as well as from expression pedals or CV-compatible analog synthesis instruments. Components are rugged and long lasting, to withstand the rigors of stage and studio. The MuRF is housed in the classic Moogerfooger "double-wedge" enclosure that may be used on a table or on the floor. For all players, the MuRF will open up new sonic worlds for you!  

The Heart of the MIDI MuRF is a bank of eight resonant bandpass filters tuned to fixed frequencies. The Animation module is a 24-Pattern sequencer triggering volume envelopes for the eight filters. The Freq Switch toggles between two banks of patterns; 12 bass patterns and 12 mid-range patterns.

Front Panel

PATTERN Rotary Switch: Selects one of 12 Animation Patterns in each bank.

FREQ Slide Switch: Selects whether BASS or MIDS pattern bank is active.

LFO Slide Switch: Applies LFO modulation to patterns

RATE Rotary Control: Sets the Rate of the Pattern. Sets Clock Divider value when synced to MIDI Time Clock.

ENVELOPE Rotary Control: Sets the envelope shape of the patterns.

DRIVE Rotary Control: Adjusts the gain of the audio input circuit.

OUTPUT Rotary Control: Adjusts the output level when the effect is active. Used for balancing the filtered signal with the bypassed signal.

MIX Rotary Control: Sets the proportion of direct to effected signal that appears at the output.

FILTERS Slider Controls: Controls the gains of the following frequency bands(determined by FREQ Slide Switch): BASS -110 Hz, 160 Hz, 240 Hz, 350 Hz, 525 Hz, 775 Hz, 1.2kHz, 1.8kHz. MIDS - 200 Hz, 300 Hz, 450 Hz, 675 Hz, 1kHz, 1.5 kHz, 2.2 kHz, 3.4kHz

DRIVE LED: 3-color LED indicates the level of the Input signal. Green indicates a low-level signal, yellow indicates optimal signal level, and red indicates soft clipping.

BYPASS LED: 3-color LED indicates effect status. Red indicates bypass, and Green indicates Mid Voicing, Orange indicates Bass Voicing.

RATE LED: RED = Pattern Clock Rate determined by the Rate control/CV Input, GREEN = Pattern Clock Rate determined by Tap Tempo/Step control and ORANGE = The Current State has been last modified by MIDI and the front panel control knob doesn't indicate the state of the unit.

Back Panel

AUDIO IN: Phone jack accepts any instrument-level or line-level signal from 16 dBm to +4 dBm. Input impedance is 1 megohm.

LEFT/MONO OUT: " Phone Jack carries the summed signal (left+right, all freq. bands) when Right Output is not connected, and carries the Left output signal (Freq. bands: 200 Hz, 450 Hz, 1 KHz, 2.2 KHz) when the right output is connected. Nominal output is '16 dBm to +4 dBm depending on setting of Output Level control when effect is active. Output impedance is 5,000 Ohms.

RIGHT OUT: Phone Jack carries the Right Output signal (Freq. Bands 300 Hz, 675 Hz, 1.5 KHz, 3.4 KHz). Nominal output is '16 dBm to +4 dBM depending on setting of Output Level control when effect is active. Output impedance is 5,000 Ohms.

RATE, MIX, ENVELOPE, LFO/SWEEP are TRS jacks that accept Moogerfooger EP-2 (or equivalent) expression pedals, or control voltages from two or three-circuit jacks.

TAP/STEP IN: This tap tempo input accepts a normally open momentary footswitch for syncing the rate of ANIMATION to the tempo of the music.


The MIDI In implementation on the MIDI MuRF makes possible a powerful new set of synchronization and control features that respond to the following MIDI Messages:

- System Real-time: MIDI Timing Clock, MIDI Start, Continue and Stop
- Channel Voice messages: Program Change, Control Change, Note On/Note Off
- System Exclusive messages: change MIDI channel, write user pattern sets, firmware upgrade.

Program Change:

A MIDI Program change received on the current MIDI Channel with a value 000-023 will override the position of the pattern and Freq Switch. A movement of the Pattern Knob or the Freq Switch sets the MIDI MuRF's current pattern to the one selected by the front panel.

Control Change Messages:

The MIDI MuRF can respond to MIDI CC Messages to alter the settings of the MuRF or the pattern clock rate. Changes made by MIDI CCs are over-ridden by moving the corresponding panel control or changing the state at the corresponding CV input.

Note On Messages:

In MUTE MODE, TRIGGERED MODE and SUSTAINED MODE, MIDI Note On messages can play the MIDI MuRF's filters. In STEP MODE the rate setting is ignored and Note On messages advance the pattern step.


MIDI_RTC_CLOCK: MIDI CLOCK sets the rate of the pattern clock. When synced to MIDI CLOCK, the RATE LED flashes ORANGE at the Clock division.

MIDI_START: MIDI Clock Start Messages starts the Pattern Clock at the beginning of the Pattern, and synced to the MIDI Clock messages

MIDI_STOP: MIDI Clock Stop Message Stops the Pattern Clock.

MIDI_CONTINUE: MIDI Clock Continue Message restarts a stopped Pattern Clock at the next step in the Pattern.

CLOCK_DIVISIONS: Front panel RATE knob/CC9 or LFO Rate CV Input/CC3 are quantized to 16 positions and sweep through clock-divisions of MIDI Clock Messages (12 o'clock is quarter-note):


MIDI Channel:

Defaults to Channel 1 on each power up, unless the stomp switch is closed. If the stomp switch is closed when power is applied then the Pattern Rotary switch sets the current MIDI Channel from 1-12. Changes are stored on power down.


CASE: Steel case with black powder coat finish and wood sides; classic analog appearance.

DIMENSIONS: 9" x 5" x 3"
WEIGHT: 4 lbs
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 105-125AC, 5W. 220AC 50Hz either European or UK style power adaptor available on special order.

MF - 105M

Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Manual MIDI MuRF Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

Download the MIDI MuRF manual for an in-depth view of everything you can do with this powerful new Moogerfooger.

Manual MIDI MuRF Manual Addendum - Firmware v1.8 2011-04-22 PDF

Covers the new features in the v1.8 firmware.

MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 adds new MIDI CC functionality including MIDI Tap Tempo and MIDI Stop Mode.

It also enhances the operation of other CC messages including Bypass On/Off, Pattern Clock Sync On/Off and Pattern Reset.

Manual MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

Poly-rhythmic patterns, Playlists and more... Get the most from your MIDI MuRF by downloading the free Pattern Editor (go to the SOFTWARE tab). Take a quick trip through this informative manual and you'll be ready to create your next masterpiece!

Software MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 Update for Macintosh 2011-04-22 ZIP

MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 adds new MIDI CC functionality including MIDI Tap Tempo and MIDI Stop Mode.

It also enhances the operation of other CC messages including Bypass On/Off, Pattern Clock Sync On/Off and Pattern Reset.

Click the Help menu within the program for instructions.

Software MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 Update for Windows 2011-04-22 ZIP

MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.8 adds new MIDI CC functionality including MIDI Tap Tempo and MIDI Stop Mode.

It also enhances the operation of other CC messages including Bypass On/Off, Pattern Clock Sync On/Off and Pattern Reset.

Click the Help menu within the program for instructions.

Software MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor for Macintosh 2011-04-22 DMG

Since its launch in the summer of 2009, Moog's newest Moogerfooger, the MF-105M MIDI MuRF has been an instant success. With eight analog filters under MIDI and CV control, the MIDI MuRF is one of the most powerful and flexible sound design tools around. Now for the icing on an already very sweet cake, Moog is releasing the MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor.

Software MIDI MuRF Pattern Editor for Windows 2011-05-10 EXE


Midi Interface
1024 x 768 min screen resolution
(Optional) Mouse with scroll wheel for quick and precise parameter adjusting
Windows XP, Windows Vista

Software VST MuRF Controller Mac 2011-07-26 ZIP

VST MuRF Controller Mac

Software VST MuRF Controller Win 2011-07-26 ZIP

VST MuRF Controller Win

Software MF-105M MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.9 (MAC) 2015-02-10 ZIP

Bug Fix: Changing pattern no longer affects tap-tempo mode

Software MF-105M MIDI MuRF Firmware v1.9 (WIN) 2015-02-10 ZIP

Bug Fix: Changing pattern no longer affects tap-tempo mode.

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Premier Guitar: MF-105M Review

"It was inspiring to play both live and at home; it added a whole new dynamic to my sound. The Midi MuRF is an instrument in itself, and it will add enjoyment and imagination to your music. Considering its ability to handle multiple instruments, the MIDI MuRF could be an essential unit to anyone’s rig, especially multi-instrumentalists. It’s not only a unique effects unit for guitar players, but a useful tool for professional and home studio use."

Click here to read the full review.

Guitar Player Magazine: MF-105M Review

"Simply put, the MIDI MuRF is one of the most innovative and musical-sounding effects devices ever created, which is why it receives an Editors’ Pick Award."

This review is a PDF file.

DJTimes.com: MF-105M Review

"The first thing I tested it with was a sustained vocal chord sample. After sending the unit some MIDI beat clock and adjusting some knobs, I was treated to a sliced-up, organic and rhythmic interpretation of the original sample. It sounded nothing like vocals, but it sure sounded incredible. This was only scratching the surface."

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MusicRadar.com: MF-105M Review

"By rolling the two frequency types together Moog has created a more flexible sound shaping tool and by adding MIDI has increased its appeal and integration potential by a large factor. The fact that it has gone so far with the MIDI control implementation is a testament to the quality of this product range."

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SoundOnSound.com: MF-105M Review

"I felt that the original MuRF was an innovative and impressive-sounding effect pedal constrained a little by the fixed nature of its patterns. In banishing this limitation and adding MIDI control, Moog aim to be the first choice for sequenced filter riffs, whether for stage or studio. There’s been no loss of hands-on simplicity or analogue interfaceability, but the arrival of MIDI clearly gives the best of both worlds. Admittedly, the MIDI MuRF is several degrees more cerebral than its parents, but program up a Logic Environment or your favourite controller, and this needn’t cause any headaches."

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