Vintage Moog Service

Moog Music is proud to offer service & repair for all Moog instruments built after 1996. Unfortunately, due to inventory constraints, Moog Music is unable to stock parts or manuals for instruments that were manufactured prior to that year.

Factory Modifications

Moog Music currently offers a variety of exciting Factory Modifications. Follow these easy steps to obtain one.


1: Register your product with Moog Music Inc. here (link to product registration)

Return/Service Policies

All sales are final and Products cannot be returned without Seller's prior authorization. All returned material is subject to a 10% restocking charge after inspection and approval.

For complete Moog Warranty information please click here.

Moog Service - U.S.A.

Current Moog (or Big Briar) products built after 1996 are serviced from the factory in Asheville, N.C.

Filtatron® FAQ

I just installed Filtatron and it is not making any sound.

Moog Guitar FAQ

Does The Moog Guitar require special strings?

The Moog strings that come with guitar have a specific metallurgy designed to work with the Moog Pick-ups. Other strings will work in emergency situations but the guitar will respond best with Moog strings.

GHS "Infinity Steel" Medium strings have been tested on The Moog Guitar and exhibited no apparent problems. 

Is a bolt-on neck available?

At the present time this technology does not allow for a bolt-on design.

Etherwave® Theremin FAQ

My Etherwave was working fine, but now I get no sound when I turn it on. What happened?

Moogerfooger® FAQ

What kind of expression pedal can I use with my moogerfooger?

An expression pedal for use with moogerfoogers should contain a 50K or 100K potentiometer which is connected from the sleeve to the ring terminals of the plug. The potentiometer wiper is connected to the tip terminal. The pedal cable should be shielded, with the shield connected to the sleeve. Moog Music sells the model EP-1 expression pedal for use with moogerfoogers.

Do moogerfoogers have “true bypass?”

Minimoog Voyager® FAQ

Does it sound like the original minimoog?

Yes, the layout has changed and new features have been added, but we went to a lot of trouble to make sure the sound of the original is there. 

Is the Voyager a real analog synth?

Yes. EVERYTHING in the audio path as well as the LFOs and Envelope Generators are analog.

Does it stay in tune?

What are Moog's online payment options?

Moog Music accepts payment via Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

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