Custom Theremins for Moogfest Artists

We started a tradition last year of giving all the artists that play Moogfest a custom painted theremin. This year, like last year, the theremins were designed and screened by Asheville graphic artist, Drew Findley of Subject Matter Studio. Drew has done some amazing work for us in the past, but he outdid himself this time. We've got a team of Moog interns mopping up drool all over the production floor as we speak.

First 500 Series Module from Moog Music


For Immediate Release:

500 Series

The 500 Series is a Pro Audio Industry Standard for modular rack recording units. Moog Music is proud to now be producing modules for the 500 Series standard and the Pro Audio industry.


Wired Magazine's Exclusive Animoog Review

Click here for full article including a video demonstration by Wired.

From Wired:

Not content to stop at creating some of the world’s best synthesizer keyboards, the big brains at Moog Music have built an iPad app.

Animoog FAQ

Q: I just updated to Animoog v1.1 and can't launch the app. What do I do?

A: We have submitted version v1.1.1 to Apple, which will fix this issue and are awaiting their approval. Conversely, you can save your presets, delete Animoog and reinstall from the app store. WARNING: Deleting Animoog without backing up first will cause presets to be lost.

Q: Where can I find the Animoog User's Manual?

A: It's available for download here.

Introducing Animoog!


Groundbreaking New Synthesizer App Available to Professional Musicians, Hobbyists and Music Fans Alike for $.99 for 30 Days Only

Click to buy Animoog for 99¢!



ASHEVILLE, NC – October 17, 2011-- Moog Music today announced the release of Animoog, the World’s first professional polyphonic synthesizer designed for Apple’s iPad. For a 30-day, limited-time price of only $.99, professional musicians, hobbyists and music fans alike can have access to Moog’s newest, groundbreaking synthesizer technology. Regular price $29.99


The heart of Animoog is Moog’s Anisotropic Synthesis Engine (ASE), a technology that has been in development at Moog for nearly six years. Animoog captures the vast sonic vocabulary of Moog synthesizers and applies it to the modern touch surface paradigm, enabling any user to quickly sculpt incredibly fluid and dynamic sounds that live, breathe, and evolve as they play them.Whether users are new to synthesizers or are professional musicians, Animoog’s unique user interface gives them the ultimate tool for total creative expression.


“Animoog is an amazingly entertaining instrument,” said Mike Adams, president of Moog Music. “It is fun and educational. There will be people who discover the joy of making music using a synthesizer through Animoog who might not have otherwise. It is truly an entertaining experience for anyone.” Adams explains, “ASE was originally designed for Moog’s hardware synthesizers, but the technology is so incredible that we decided to make it available to everyone. With Animoog, we’re taking the fear out of buying a professional music application, and giving people a nearly-free opportunity to explore a truly inspirational creative tool.”


Animoog removes the boundaries of conventional instruments and brings an exciting array of creative tools to users’ fingertips. Its graphical user interface is dynamic and immersive. Much more than a simple app, Animoog takes full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch surface. It gives artists the creative freedom to create and intimately control an entire sonic universe.


Ayad Al Adhamy, of the band Passion Pit, says, “While there are other iPad synthesizer apps (trust me - I might have all of them) what makes Animoog different is that it is not an app but an instrument. Moog has filled in the gap that other apps haven't  - it is simple to use and it sounds great!"

Moogfest Schedule and Local Discount!

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The full Moogfest schedule is finally here!  Every night is packed with great shows, so take a peek and get ready!

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