Win a piece of Moog history!

When you create an account on not only will you be able to get the fullest experience out of the new Moog website, you’ll also be automatically entered to win Moog's last remaining Moogerfooger MF-104SD.

Limited to a run of 250, the MF-104SD can bend time with a full 1.4 second delay. So click here to join us!



Heya Its my birthday today, I got the Slim Phatty as a present for myself, a MF-104SD would make an excellent addition and birthday gift from Moog. :)
Sweet! I would love to have one of these. I love the CV controllability. It's a shame they are being discontinued. Crossing my fingers for the win!
Nice machine....can I have this one :P
it's delay time.......
When the contest ends? :)
Limited to a run of 250..i need only one... thx
Moog me up!!
wow, ike to play with it
Ive wanted one of these for aaaaages (along with one of the synths lol) but haven't got the money lol
thanks...send me to Argentina lol
The new website is awesome!
would add nicely. 1,000,000,000 to 1.
i want ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt SWITCH ON!
we ALL love Moog :D end we are One Moog for EVERYONE
wow, one left.... would go nice with my MF-102 and 103
Moog is The Music.
Moog is the best cool new website
Awesome site!
I love all my 'foogers, and can't wait to add a SP or two (or 15) to my Vger/LP setup. Thank you MOOG !! (nicely redesigned site too-- I can't wait to see what else is new around here...)
Is it also shorter, than 104z? That would be purrrfect! This is something that I miss on 104z... Shorter delay time, for chorus, flanger etc...
True story time? Somewhere last year I was ill and pretty weakened by not being able to eat and drink enough for a few weeks. At one point, when my girlfriend was out I had decided to walk around in the house a bit, even though I should've stayed in bed, when all of a sudden I felt and heard (very clearly) a sharp drop in heart rate before the throbbing in my chest finally reached what was, as far as I can tell, practically a full stop. When it happened I really thought I was having a heart attack, even though I'm only 24. But anyway, let me tell you now, it wasn't that, so don't worry. I only fainted and dropped down on the floor, something that I had never experienced before. The reason why I'm saying this is because coming to was such an amazingly beautiful, yet terrifying experience. Basically it was this: as I lay on my back, slowly regaining consciousness, I heard the most beautiful guitar music in my head. Exactly the music I try to make when playing around with my two MFs. I heard my own strat's slow and bent chord progressions vibrate beautifully through my mf-102 on a mellow tremolo setting. First faintly, then very bright, I saw a spotlight shine in my eyes from the ceiling, and as I became more aware of where I was, it was as if the chords sounded brighter, too, as if my mf-103 phaser gradually shifted focus more towards the higher frequencies. Something that was also there, were amazing washes of delay. At first almost droney, later more gentle waves of feedback, first very warm and then sharp and abrasive. Totally in sync with how my body felt (I went really cold all of a sudden and started to shiver. I was also pretty scared because I didn't know what had happened). Everything turned out fine in the end, but ever since then I've been obsessing over an mf-104 to add to my pedal board, just to try and get to hear that sound again. It's funny how gearlust sometimes creeps up on you, right?
Filtatron is the best app for philta phun. LITTLE phatty is a heavy blast. Etherwave makes me whirly . Voyager takes me away.
Moog makes the best instruments of them all,they make them into something brand new and creative
Thanks Moog Music for giving this chance to musicians on a budget like me! ;)
There is no other Moogerfooger I would like to have more than the MF-104 (since I already own a MF-103 and a 101) and this is the SD version! :D
moxlust, when moog released the MF-104Z they also released 250 MF-104SD, it has a slightly longer delay time clocking in around 1.4sec
Nice!!! I really love analog stuff (the digital things can never be as good) ps: when is the deadline of this contest?
So cool!. Love this new website.
I get to make an account on the moog website AND win free stuff? Life just doesn't get any better.
What's the diff between the 104Z and the 104SD?
Yes! Please! and THX
Moog saved my life! Musically speaking..
Nice site! I love it!
moog for me is like shoes for womens
I love Moog
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