Win a piece of Moog history!

When you create an account on not only will you be able to get the fullest experience out of the new Moog website, you’ll also be automatically entered to win Moog's last remaining Moogerfooger MF-104SD.

Limited to a run of 250, the MF-104SD can bend time with a full 1.4 second delay. So click here to join us!



Mooooooooooooog mooooooooooog moooooooog mooooog mooog moog !! Analog vibes inside, for sure !
I am the winner !
Must...Have! So good.... it's making.... me talk in.... fractured.... sentences!
Sounds good !
Would love to record with this piece of history!
Awesome giveaway!!!
the MoogerFooger 104 is the only one missing from my collection, I can't seem to buy one anywhere, I can only hope to complete my collection by winning one, so fingers crossed ;)
nice!!!. a classic ship to the final frontier... to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new sounds and new colors, to boldly go where no man has gone before... [E. N.]
need one for some boogiewoogie! i really like your new site! awsome with the moog-sound lab! 10 points!
Greetings, dear people from Moog, please relieve us and announce a winner! This is hardly bearable! Love
I hope I win...
yummy! I Hope i win! :-)
i have watched all the youtube videos related to mf delay.. it's almost impossible for me to imagine holding on of these in my hands..
gimme that moog. Like now!
Old school Moog. Just like on a certain track by a certain Liverpudlian band...
Really, you guys should keep the little rascal or your own collection will be incomplete. ; - )
Oh a geek can dream!
when are the results? yaoooooooouuuu MOOG president of the world chris
give it to me ugly german to make me look betta ! all the best from berlin !
I've always wanted a MF. May I have mine now, please?
I win!!
Lord knows I don't ask for much! Please, please let me win this!!
Fantastic. Great site. My 101, 102, 103 and Etherwave plus are special.
Pour finir mon pedalboard Moog ça serait classe ! ^^
good luck gentlemen
This piece of gear would complete my voyager. Moog is in the air ;-)
Am I late ? ^^ Woooog !!!
I love MOOG!!! No other Analog Synths are as nice sounding and good looking!!! I can't stop looking at them
I hear great things about it, so of course I would love to win one.
i wanna be a moogernaut
The best.
i really hope i win this :0)
moogifié mon son avec delay...
Heya Its my birthday today, I got the Slim Phatty as a present for myself, a MF-104SD would make an excellent addition and birthday gift from Moog. :)
Sweet! I would love to have one of these. I love the CV controllability. It's a shame they are being discontinued. Crossing my fingers for the win!
Nice machine....can I have this one :P
it's delay time.......
When the contest ends? :)
Limited to a run of 250..i need only one... thx
Moog me up!!
wow, ike to play with it
Ive wanted one of these for aaaaages (along with one of the synths lol) but haven't got the money lol
thanks...send me to Argentina lol
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