MP-201 Version 2.0 Operating System is here!

Experience The Power Of The Pedal

The Multi-Pedal is a programmable four channel USB/MIDI/CV control hub. OS 2.0 adds to an already impressive list of features including:

4 Analog Control Voltage Outputs
4 LFOs
Standard MIDI In & Out and MIDI over USB
MIDI Clock Sync & Tap Tempo
User Editable Presets
Programmable Heel & Toe Voltages
Optical Pedal Mechanism

“Aside from all the added functionality over any regular kind of expression pedal, the MP-201 has the best feeling treadle of any expression or volume pedal I've tried- the extra weight and size also gives it a solid base, and the whole package really lends itself well to expressive and precise manipulation/modulation/etc.”

- Kris Einemo

"I have been using with great success on all my gigs. I have to say, this is one of those pieces of gear that changes how I think about my setup and let's me do things I never could have done before, not to mention saving me tons of floor space and tap dancing. So, just wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to you and all the dudes and dudesses at Moog for such a fine piece of equipment. My music is better because of your company."

-Teddy Kumpel



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