Moog's March Synthesizer Residency At Rough Trade NYC

In celebration of Bob Moog's spirit of innovation and creative experimentation, Moog has opened a Synthesizer Residency inside of Rough Trade NYC at 64 N 9th Street in Brooklyn for the month of March.  The installation is free and open to the public from 11am to 11pm daily March 5th through March 29th.

For 25 days in March, Rough Trade NY is housing the world's largest modern Moog installation as a mile-marker on the road to Moogfest, and Moog invites all artists in the area to stop by and utilize the space for experimentation and discovery. The residency serves as a physical manifestation of the intersection of music, art and technology,and it is meant to be used as an artist's resource. Although it is free to the public, this is no museum exhibit- visitors are encouraged to interact, engage and experiment with the analog electronics. All are welcome to craft sound as well as bring a recording device to sample the instruments.

Stephen Godfroy, Co-Owner of Rough Trade, says of the installation “With our shared love of musical experimentation and innovation, Moog are perfect bedfellows for us. Being able to create and host world-class experiences like this is precisely what Rough Trade NYC is all about; is precisely why New York can safely claim to have the most exciting record store on the planet.”

All instruments in the installation were hand built in Asheville, NC at the Moog factory. Throughout the installation, Moog employees will be on hand at Rough Trade NY to assist artists with the gear.

The installation includes a producers station, drone towers, 10 voice polyphonic analog synth, 6 voice Minimoog drum synth, and over 50 analog effects boxes.

The opening night of the installation was curated by Tom Tom Magazine and included this line-up of NYC's finest female musicians: Lauren Flax, Maria Chavez, Suzi Analogue, Chloe Saavedra, Shiori Takenoshita, Leah Lazonick, Gabriela Jimeno, Lauren Camarato, Maia Macdonald, Alanna Nuala, Heidi Garton and FonLin Nyeu.

Sound experiments will continue to take place throughout the duration of the installation. Tom Tom Magazine will continue their curation on March 20th with a performance by Kiran Gandhi of M.I.A. and at a later date Anna Barie of These Are Powers.

One free ticket to Moogfest, the innovative festival taking place in Asheville NC April 23-27, will be given away every day of the installation.





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