Moog Promotes Technology and Creativity at SXSW

It seems like we've been popping up everywhere at SXSW this year, educating and entertaining with our own special brand of analog sound production. This year we partnered with Sonos to educate the music enthusiasts flooding to Austin on the shape and form of sound and providing a Little Phatty as well as a Theremin for attendees to explore before venturing further into the Sonsos Studio to build there own micro speaker from Sonos Play:3 components.  

Tuesday night we set up in the VIP lounge at the Empire Control Room for MTV/VH1/CMT Presents: "Live in Austin", providing 8-bit visiualization and Analog sounds from our Phatty family of synthesizers.  

We were one of the many innovative installations at AMOA-Art House for Twitter's #FEED event.   Our #MoogVine Lab gave visitiors the opportunity to take a trip through our line of Moogerfooger analog effects processors and post their creations with Twitter's new 6-second social video app Vine.


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