Moog Gets Switched On at SXSW

For the past 4 years, Moog Music and SwitchedOn have come together in March to present a Moog Showcase at SXSW.  This week, we've built a Moog installation inside of SwitchedOn with a battery of analog gear from our factory in Asheville, NC.  

To celebrate another year of partnering with SwitchedOn, we've brought a prerelease version of our newest synth, the Sub 37, for display at SwitchedOn Austin.  If you're in the Austin area for SXSW be sure to stop by the shop to try out the Sub 37 and a whole slew of other handcrafted Moog instruments. 

Saturday night we're proud to present the Moog SXSW showcase at the Elysium featuring new wave pioneer Gary Numan, Ema, Trust, Empress Of, Feathers, and Silk Rodeo.  

Check out the full gallery below.





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