Moog Circuit Bending Challenge Finalists

Congratulations to the finalists in the 3rd Annual Moog Circuit Bending Competition. This years entries were truly mind blowing. They showed a level of technical prowess, divergent thinking, and innovation that was quite phenomenal. It was a real pleasure watching all of the submission videos, and we would like to thank all of those who participated, and for your great effort each entrant will receive a Moog tee shirt. The competition was very tight, and much heated debate ensued to determine who would be chosen this year. But once the dust settled, only three remained.

And the finalists are...

Luis - Akai S-01

This early '90's sampler is simply gorgeous with its hardwood sides, LED backlit control panel, and custom Arduino based MIDI interface using re-purposed Casio SK-1 keyboard.

Leif Shackleford – Mellotroog

This classic 4-track tape recorder based recreation of the melotron, has tape speed controlled by a custom CV keyboard, the integration of an Arduino-style micro-controller was a nice touch, and it gets bonus points for being one of the only analog samplers.

Doc Blankenstein - GoogaMooga

This custom 3 section sampler with body contacts, ring modulator, and light sensor interface,  impressed us with its polished yet whimsical design, multiple control interfaces and excellent build quality.

Thanks to everyone who entered this year's Moog Circuit Bending Challenge and congratulations to the finalists, we'll see you at Moogfest!

At Moogfest the finalists will showcase their creations inside the Moog Factory, where they will have access to the entire Moog catalog of instruments to use with their bent sampler. Moogfest attendees will be able to play the finalists' bent samplers and have an opportunity to vote for their favorite entry. Feedback from the public will be a factor in the judges’ final decision on the winner.  

The Grand Prize winner will be chosen on the final day of Moogfest 2012 by Joey Hurst (Google Engineer), Ryan Germick (Head Google Doodler), Andy Hughes (Moog Custom Mod Specialist), and Amos Gaynes (Moog Product Development Specialist). Winners will be chosen on the basis of reliable functionality, creativity, craftsmanship, artistic appearance, overall sound, unique interface, and the popularity of the device with the public.

Grand Prize: Minimoog Voyager Performer Ed.

2nd Place: Little Phatty

3rd Place: Minitaur

In the event that a finalists can not come to Moogfest 2012 to compete for the Grand Prize, their slot will be given to the first runner up:

Justin Emerson - Circuit Bent Akai S-20



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I participated, but was not selected, I would like to thank all the staff, next I will attend again and maybe I can not. Sheila F awaiting me next Moog circuit and congratulation to winners !
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