"Momentum" by Sascha Dikiciyan

Sascha Dikiciyan is one of the most sought-after composers in the industry today. Known for his precision beats that exemplifies his European upbringing and innovative electronic sounds that reflect the years spent in the underground scene in Berlin and Los Angeles, Sascha Dikiciyan creates a voice that is uniquely his own. Sascha has composed music for over a dozen game titles including Mortal Kombat vs DC, Prototype, Borderlands, and Mass Effect 3

Sascha made this song using the recently released Devine Expansion Pack for Animoog exclusively for Moog. This is the process by which he composed this song, in his own words:

ALL of the Synth sounds you hear are from the Devine Expansion Pack presets via Animoog.

The only non Moog elements are a sampled Kick, Snare, Hi Hat and a small String and Brass sample.The goal: *Only* use Devine Expansion Pack sounds in Animoog sounds and write something musical, like I would in the real world.

Here's my process:

Almost everything you hear is played live into my sequencer. Of course I did a lot of audio editing, but tried to stay away from using plugins.  All of the effects you hear including filter, delay and distortion on the synths themselves, are all coming from Animoog. No other plugins were used.  To create the arpeggio-like synth hooks and bass lines I've used an analog- style MIDI sequencer app called "Phaedra". With background audio and network session enabled, it works very well with Animoog. Again, that was played live into my computer and then edited only for timing consistency.  Some of that side-chain like pumping was done simply with volume automation in my sequencer.  To add a slight cinematic touch, I've used some Orchestra samples via Kontakt.

Learn more about Sascha Dikiciyan and his work here.


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