Minitaur Editor Librarian

The Minituar Editor Librarian (BETA version) is now shipping via email to all registered owners of Minitaur.

The Minitaur Editor Librarian for Mac and PC is a free standalone control application
for the Minitaur Analog Bass synthesizer.

With it, you can control the Minitaur's parameters directly from your computer, including a host of "under the hood" parameters not accessible from the Minitaur front panel. 

The Minitaur Editor Librarian also allows you to create, edit and save presets, bringing virtually unlimited preset memory to the Minitaur.

Controls include:
• Random Preset Generator
• Capture Settings from Hardware
• VCO 2 Beat
• Note Sync
• Filter Keyboard Tracking
• Filter & Volume EG Velocity Sensitivity
• Trigger Mode
• Key Priority
• Glide Type
• Legato Glide
• Pitch Bend up and down amount
• LFO Clock Divider
• LFO Key Trigger
• External Audio In level

The Minitaur Editor Librarian is a free download for registered owners of a Minitaur. If you are a Minitaur owner and would like the free Editor Librarian, register your Minitaur today at:



I'm having the exact same problem. Any solutions?
I can not load presets from Minitaur Editor (tweaking of all virtual knobs works fine). in the presets window it says "hardware disconnected". please help...
Hi the Editor can not send/receive midi data when another DAW (Live/FL Studio) is using the Minitaur midi port. I'm on Windows 7 64Bits is there a solution to manage preset while a DAW is open ?
CHECK YOUR EMAIL, THEY EMAILED ME A LINK THAT WAS GOOD: Click here for Mac: Click here for Windows:
In the documentation for to save the current panel settings to Preset #23 says we must send the following sysex message: "$F0 $04 $08 $06 $07 $17 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $F7". I'm trying to send with a midi controller (BCR2000) and do not get to save the preset. I also tried with the "$F0 $04 $06 $07 $17 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $F7" chain and still not working. Should we send some more additional message? Thanks, a greeting
Me the same
They send the link to you in email, cry babies. If you cannot figure this out how can you purport to control a moog device? haha j/k. The editor Librarian is cool, what would be cooler would be to load/save them from animoog!
I got the Editor for mac, thanks
Has anyone had any luck yet finding the Editor and would it work with OSX Mavericks?
this is extremely frustrating... cant get the editor. :(
Had the same problemas, but here is the download page:
Thanks !! and check your emails !! :)
you should get a email with the download. If not email for the link.
i registered my minitaur, but cant find your software links anywhere, you take a shit service !!
come on guys half an hour to fin the damned link, i still dont find itz .. really is not 1990 anymore
I registered my minitaur, but cannot find a download link for this anywhere. Need help
and where is the DAMN LINK?
I can't find the DL link :(
I've donwload the editor for Minitaur. But it seems that it does work on mac OSC Lion, via USB. Editor can't send any changes to the synth... Please give feedback!
I have registered and installed the software, but after starting it is has no effect on the via usb connected mintaur. I cant change anything with it (WIN 7 64bit)
cant register minitaur,,pasword-username rejected..cant access the editor,,help please
The Minitaur Editor does not work on my studio PC with Win7 64 bit (works fine with another PC under Win7 32 bit). Is there a workaround ? Will the release version be 64 bit OS compatible ?
same here, can't find a damn link to install the editor software
I re-registered my Minitaur, this time without the MT prefix and it worked properly just as the comment below stated.
If you are having any trouble registering your products, or have not received the Minitaur editor, please contact us at We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks.
@bobbydazzler Thanks!
this site really doesn't work ? i can't even register my slim phatty or low pass filter? AND where is the EDITOR ???? I We buy things to play with them ????
this site really doesn't work ? i can't even register my slim phatty or low pass filter? AND where is the EDITOR ???? I We buy things to play with them ????
When you register your minitaur do not put the MT prefix on the serial, i had to register twice, first time using the prefix the link didn't appear, the second time without the prefix, badabing there it was!
Same, Where is the editor?
agreed, wheres the editor?
I took the day off work to play with this and I can not find the link!
I registered my minitaur, but cannot find a download link for this anywhere. Need help please thanks!
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