The Knobs Have Left The Building.

As you know, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Minimoog Voyager we planned a special thank you to our exceptional customers. The gift, limited edition brass filter cutoff knobs, began shipping out to registered Minimoog Voyager owners today! 

The Minimoog Voyager is our testament to modern engineering & detailed craftsmanship. Minimoog Voyager owners are a testament to our abilty to thrive as a small company while staying true to our ideals.  We do hope you enjoy your gift, thank you for being the best customers in the world!



Thanks for an informative writing based on Minimoog Voyager. From the responses, I see that there is huge demand for your products and that ensures the success of this product.payment processing srv I hope you will be providing such high quality products in future too.
I haven't received anything after applying for it, several time from the beginning of the offer until now. I am not sure that I will get other Moog products, even if the sub 37 is tempting... it's just showing me how slack the service is, no response from the service after numerous mail...
Can anyone tell me how to change this knob? thanks;)
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I haven't received no sticker gift 3 years ago and now no knob. Disappointed greetings from Slovenia.

Sono ormai 100 giorni che attendo the Moog brass knob! Qualcuno lo ha ricevuto!?! Potrebbe essere una RELIQUIA?
I still did not receive anything. anyone else ?
Sono ormai 70 giorni che aspetto questa benedetta manopola! I casi sono tre: 1) andata persa? 2) rubata? 3) forse mai stata spedita?! Grazie moogmusic
Promesse tenue Moog ! Perfect ! Il faut juste patienter pour la France.
arrivata oggi la manopola, ringrazio infinitamente per il graditissimo pensiero!!! Marco
Received mine in Germany :) Thank you!
I'm now officially a golden knob... Yes another package has landed here in the UK. Thanks a lot Moog!
Mine arrived today! (UK) Thank you moog!
In spain I have not received...All have a knob?
Anyone received one in the UK yet?
Just picked up an Anniversary Edition Voyager and registered it. Do I qualify for a Brass Knob ?? (to go with my 2 big brass balls!)
Still awaiting the knobs of gold!!!!!!
I hope i will receive mine... I still wait the moog sticker gift :(
just pull ?
i haven't received anything ( yet ??) i'm an owner ( registered as far as the site allows me for the signature series ! ) of a signature voyager sn 098 as i haven't either got the promised sticker with the t3 after registration, i really wonder what might be wrong and how this time to make sure to get one of those beautiful golden knobbies . ??
I got mine, but how do I remove the original and install this one? Stupid question?
Can Little Phatty owners get something similar? That's such a cool piece!! IJS...
I think someone swiped mine, as I have not yet received it. Yikes! Hugh
That looks good. Is it for my Voyager RME too?
nice, this is good news.. looking forward to receiving mine !
Thanks, it will receive a nice place on my Voyager Signature. Will post a picture @ FB once it has been received. John
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