The Bob Moog Doodle Synthesizer


In celebration of Bob Moog's Birthday, Google created a web based synthesizer for the world to enjoy. Moog's Chief engineer Cyril Lance overviews the doodle' s capabilities to help you get started crafting sounds.  

Now everyone can explore the wonders of subtractive synthesis and express their creativity by sculpting sounds. Remember, experimentation and learning will reward you with a lifetime of rich synthesizer experiences. #celebratebob



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Wow! Cyril, this is very cool. Marty

Cyril Lance did a GREAT job in honoring Bob Moog with this one! I LOVED using that synth! I made a bunch of covers using it and even got featured by!

Check out all 10 of them in the blog post above. WELL worth the 6 minutes. Over 30,000 views yesterday alone :) I hope you like them. Syncing them up was tough, but I figured out a way to use an external metronome and memorizing the tunes in order to use the multitrack to the best of it's abilities. Fun to limit yourself and see what you can accomplish.

Any chance it will come back even though it got taken down??

Thanks Cyril. Its almost as fun as my Little Phatty. Even though doodle just got me written up at work!
How do I purchase the Moog Doodle sysnthesizer plugin if it exist.
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