2012 Halloween Theremin Contest Finalists

With Moogfest right around the corner, Theremin afficianados have created some impressive entries for this year's Moog Halloween Theremin Video contest. The entries were so impressive this year that we are having trouble picking the winner.  We've narrowed down the entries to these three videos, but we need your help deciding on the winner. Let us know who you think should win in the comments below (you must be logged in to our site). First place is a Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer,  second place will recieve an MF-102 Ring Modulator, and third place will recieve a MF-101 Lowpass Filter. Thanks for all the amazing entries, everyone who entered this year you will all be recieving a Moog Theremin shirt.

"Zombie Children Attack" from Christopher Payne.

"The Spirit of Halloween" from Jesse Rivelis

And this entry from Holophrase


Find out more about the Theremin here.


#3 horrible nice Video and sounds
The Spirit of Halloween :)
I vote for #1 Zombie Children Attack.. really haunting and spooky tune,.great music..loved it
#3 should win because 1) it's by far the best use of the theremin and 2) it's unnerving, disorienting, and unexpected -- everything Halloween should be.
Spirit of Halloween is the best!! Creepy spooky but feel the need to watch it again!
video by holophrase is very good. awesome mood, unique and original.
That's the Spirit! #2
I vote for The spirit of Halloween
2 and ryan key is cute <3
#2 is the clear winni
in the words of Arnold schwarzenegger from the simpson's movie.... I VOTE NUMBA 2!!!! NUMBA 2!!!! 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222


i think you mean #2
This is the contest 2012-halloween-theremin-contest Hal•low•een NOUN: October 31, celebrated in the United States, Canada, and the British Isles by children going door to door while wearing costumes and begging treats and playing pranks. I vote # 1 'Zombie children attack' best of what you asked for!
VOTE #2 The Spirit of Halloween ps the girls bombin
Spirit of Halloween was clearly the winner. No doubt about it. Vote #2!
I vote number #2
THE SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN >>>EVERYTHING though they were all fantastic productions
I Vote For Number 2
Voting for #2 The spirit of Halloween!!!!!!! :D
#2 the spirit of halloween had the best editing and music for sure!
'Zombie children attack' has a catchy tune in the tradition of classic TV horror series and it showed musicianship both in the compositional and performing areas. Not to mention the superb casting that was also on the responsibility of the composer I presume.
the SPIRIT OF HALLOWEEN is the only true spirit of Halloween.
I vote for Zombie Children Attack. Great music.
I definitely vote for #1, "Zombie Children Attack". All of the finalists had their share of great music, creepy elements, and great use of the theremin, but the #1 had a nice story tagged along with it, and it was appropriate/enjoyable for all ages. Very interesting to listen to, and very interesting to watch. The video was also, itself, outstanding. The adorable children zombies, and the old man with the candy; Everything about #1 stood out.
Great videos! But he best, the most unreal, the most Thereminian is Holophrase: #3.
Zombie Children Attack all the way for me - fantastically atmospheric. captures the essence of Halloween
No doubt....."The Spirit of Halloween" works the creep factor best....#2 is my vote.
My vote goes to #1 Zombie Children Attack. Really great playing and fun video.
If it's a vote for great playing, great music and an entertaining video then #1 Zombie Children. If it's down to how many friends you know and can get to vote then who knows?
"The Spirit of Halloween" from Jesse Rivelis !!! THE BEST
#3 Holophrase definitely because what?
The Spirit of Halloween gives me the WILLIES. Number 2 all the way.
Holophrase, hands down.
#2 is the best. i vote spirit of halloween!!!!!!
I vote for #2, The Spirit of Halloween. It had the perfect "creepy" factor!
dude "the spirit of halloween" A+ super rad they have my vote!
I say number 2, "The Spirit of Halloween" super cool, deserves more votes
VOTE FOR "The Spirit of Halloween"!!!!!!!!!!
I loved #2 The Spirit of Halloween...it really WAS what I think of this day! It made me want to watch to the end...the music really fit the mood of the great editing. Fun film!
Zombie Children for sure. Superior theramin playing, interesting storyline, very catchy tune....and enjoyable for all ages.
i vote for the spirit of halloween!! its so good and i loved the music and the creepy little laugh! very nice work! cant get enough ouija board :)
Don't vote for romney. VOTE FOR HOLOPHRASE!
All videos were great, but my vote goes to the spirit of halloween...the sound effects and drum beat plus the great editing made it great.
The Holophrase entry is next level! It seems that the archetypes suggested in their Joderowsky-esque video showcases a unique interpretation of halloween, reviving the proposed, pagan-indigenous founding of the holiday. The music track even seems to sync with events in the video, as the inherently stream-of-consciousness interface of the theremin is embraced as the wandering lead voice of the minimalistic circuitbent soundscape. Imagine what these artists could do with a Minitaur!
I really like #2, the ouija board and the editing that went along with it really made the video attractive. my vote goes for The Spirit of Halloween
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