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Software Sub 37 Firmware Version 1.0.2 2014-08-25 ZIP

New in 1.0.2
* Custom tuning selection
* Poly mode
* MIDI output filtering now includes keyboard and wheel options
* Arpeggiator and sequencer reliability improvements
* MIDI sync behavior fixes and improvements
* Numerous other user interface reliability improvements
Manual Sub 37 Manual 2014-08-12 PDF Sub_37_Web_Manual_8_13.pdf
Software SUB 37 Firmware Version 1.0.1 2014-07-30 ZIP

New in V1.0.1

* Arpeggiator rate knob responsiveness improved
* Tap tempo no longer requires SYNC to be on
* Arp and LFO rate knobs now give correct settings at maximum position
* LFO 2 Sync at max tempos and max clock divisions is now stable
* Pitch CV reliability improved
* Local Control: KNOBS is now Local Control: PANEL

Instructions for installation included in download.

IMPORTANT: Please read all instructions before attempting to update firmware.
Manual Werkstatt-ø1 Schematic 2014-06-17 PDF

By downloading the Werkstatt schematic, you are agreeing to the terms listed on the first page of the the Schematic.

Manual Werkstatt-ø1 Manual 2014-06-17 PDF

Assembly Instructions & Manual for Werkstatt ø1 Moogfest 2014 Kit.

Software Theremini Firmware Update 1.0.4 2014-06-16 ZIP

Theremini Firmware Update 1.0.4 | WIN & OSX Included
Manual Theremini Manual 2014-05-30 PDF

Theremini Manual 6.16.14

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