Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Software Firmware v2.1.1 WIN 2014-10-15 ZIP

WIN Firmware v.2.1.1
Software Firmware v2.1.1 OSX 2014-10-15 ZIP

MAC OSX Firmware v2.1.1
Manual Werkstatt-ø1 Quick Start Guide 2014-09-17 PDF Werkstatt_01_Final_QS.pdf
Manual MF-104M SD Manual Addendum 2014-09-12 PDF MF_104M_SD_Addendum_Web.pdf
Manual MF-104M SD Manual 2014-09-12 PDF MF104M_Super_Delay_Manual.pdf
Software MF-104M Firmware Update v1.1.3 2014-09-09 ZIP

New in v1.1.3

• Time LED displays actual delay time regardless of modulation.
• Tap Tempo has been adjusted for increased stability, especially when used with extreme settings of Amount Modulation.
• Modulation has been improved to better handle modulation amounts that take the Time out of its “Legal” range.
• Fixed problem with MIDI Time Code (MTC).
• & Much more...

Software SUB 37 Firmware Version 1.0.3 2014-09-08 ZIP

New in 1.0.3
* Fixed possible freeze during patch changes
* Fixed: after scrolling rapidly through presets, patch select LEDs could remain lit
* When exiting compare mode, patch edited status is correctly restored (asterisks reappear if necessary)
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