Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Manual CP-251 MANUAL 2011-04-22 PDF

CP-251 Control Processor
Owner's Manual

Manual MF-102 MANUAL 2011-04-22 PDF

MF-102 Ring Modulator
Owners Manual

Manual MF-101 MANUAL 2011-04-22 PDF

MF-101 Lowpass Filter
Users Manual

Manual Addendum - Piezo Saddles & Changing Strings 2011-04-22 PDF

Important notes about Piezo Saddles and string changing.

Manual Moog Guitar User's Guide Rev 3 2011-04-22 PDF

It's easy to get started. The learning curve is minimal.

With The Moog Guitar User's Guide, an experienced guitarist can easily grasp the instrument's innovations and begin crafting new and previously unimaginable soundscapes in the first few minutes. However, there is much to discover over time because the Moog Guitar makes many new things possible..

Manual The Moog Guitar Quick Start Guide 2011-04-22 PDF

Get a head start on your Moog Guitar explorations with The Moog Guitar Quick Start Guide. You'll hit the ground running with these clearly illustrated common settings. Remember, they're just starting points. Experiment and explore!

Manual Addendum to Minimoog Voyager RME User Software V 3.0 2011-04-22 PDF

Addendum to Minimoog Voyager RME User Software V 3.0

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