Category Name Added Format Description Download Link
Manual Old School Patch Book List 2011-04-22 PDF

Here's a list of the patches available in the Old School Patch Book.

Manual Minimoog Voyager XL LFO2 Addendum 2011-04-22 PDF

An in-depth look at the capabilities of LFO2 and its MIDI implementation.

Manual Minimoog Voyager User Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

User's manual -
Also includes the instructions for the VX-351 Voyager CV Expander in Appendix E.

Manual Minimoog Voyager XL User's Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

The Minimoog Voyager XL User's Manual is your key to a deeper understanding of this ground-breaking instrument. Read it and unlock the secrets of everything from the Ribbon Controller to LFO2.

Manual Taurus 3 User's Manual Addendum and Preset List 2011-04-22 PDF

Taurus 3 User's Manual Addendum and Preset List

, t3_manual_addendum_1_0.pdf
Manual Taurus 3 User's Manual 2011-04-22 PDF

Download the Taurus 3 User's Manual and learn all about this Bass Beast.

Manual Control a Taurus 3 with a Voyager 2011-04-22 PDF

A quick reference to show which Taurus 3 parameters can be controlled via MIDI from the Voyager knob panel.

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