Phatty Firmware Update Version 3.1

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Moog Releases Major Firmware Update to Little Phatty® and Slim Phatty® With Operating System v3. 1

—Major Improvements to the Arpeggiator and other Features including MIDI

and Velocity Sensitivity—


Asheville, North Carolina • June 17, 2011—Moog Music, a North Carolina-based electronic musical instrument manufacturer, today announced the release of Phatty OS v.3.1, a major firmware update to the very popular and portable Phatty family of analog synthesizers.  The update to the Phatty operating system coincides with an aesthetic update for the Little Phatty Stage 2 Edition, as Moog introduces new black sidepieces.  Introduced in 2005, The Little Phatty is a true analog monosynth in every sense: it's a monophonic, monotimbral, monaural subtractive synthesizer with analog circuitry throughout. It is ideal for beginners and pros alike, used by artists such as Jack White, Chick Corea and Ke$ha. Since its release last fall, the Slim Phatty has been acclaimed for its small size and big sound, based on the iconic Minimoog Model D sound engine and featuring the legendary Moog Ladder Filter.In addition to shaping the sound of its on-board oscillators, the Slim Phatty’s filter is a valuable production tool that can be used to process external audio, sweetening any audio source with everything from smooth analog warmth, to dripping wet resonant filter sweeps.


New features in the Phatty OS v3.1 update include the following features that improve power, sound and control:


  • Volume Velocity Sensitivity: The ability to map note velocity to output volume with fifteen adjustable levels of sensitivity saved per preset. [Tribute Edition hardware does not currently support this feature]


  • Legato Glide: Automatically engage the pitch glide between legato notes. Non-overlapping notes snap instantly to a new pitch. The user is able to play or sequence dynamic bends and slides mixed with cleanly-articulated notes.


  • LFO Reset: The ability to reset the LFO cycle at the start of each note. Two LFO trigger modes provide dynamic new modulation possibilities.


  • Sustain/Hold Mode:  A sustain pedal or control voltage plugged into the CV GATE input jack can now be used to send MIDI Sustain on/off, and to polyphonically sustain MIDI notes from the Phatty keyboard.


  • 14-bit MIDI: All Phatty synths can now send and receive high-resolution 14-bit MIDI messages for critical voltage-controlled parameters.


  • MIDI Output Filtering: New options control which MIDI CC messages are sent from the Phatty, for maximum compatibility with external gear.


  • Expanded MIDI Clock sync options: 22 clock divisions including triplet values for both LFO and Arpeggiator MIDI sync. Clock divisions range from 32nd triplets up to 4 bars.


  • Improvements to Arpeggiator:

·      Global Arp Setup menu: Set important arpeggiator parameters at a global level. Arpeggiator also remains active when presets are changed.

·      Gate Length: Adjust the arpeggiator note length from 50% to greater than 100% (overlapping), for a range of new sonic textures.

·      Arp Clock Send: Arpeggiator can now send MIDI Clock, MIDI Start and Stop messages, allowing you to synchronize other gear to the Phatty internal clock.


  • Improvements to Polyphonic Mode:
    • New polyphonic note-allocation scheme: Uses a “round-robin” algorithm to share notes across multiple Phatty synths in a natural and very playable way.
    • Polyphonic arpeggiation:  Multiple ways to use the Arpeggiator across a poly chain of Phatty synths, from tight integration to completely freeform.


Availability and pricing: The Phatty OS v.3.1 Update is a free Firmware update for all Phattys: Little Phatty Tribute, Stage 1, 2, and the Slim Phatty. It is available for download at It is also available as a Factory Update from Moog. Should you choose the Factory Update, Moog will update the firmware for your Little Phatty (Stage 1, 2 and Tribute) as well as include a sonic tune-up to the latest hardware for $99.00.


About Moog Music:When Bob Moog invented the Moog synthesizer in 1964 he revolutionized 

popular music. His creations touched thousands of lives as synthesizers gained acceptance in the music world and became the catalyst for new forms of sonic expression. Although he passed away in 2005, Bob Moog’s spirit lives on with Moog Music, a company he originally formed in 1954 under the name R.A. Moog. Moog Music is the leading producer of analog synthesizers, electronic musical instruments and effects pedals such as the Slim Phatty®, Little Phatty®, Minimoog® Voyager® synthesizers, Moogerfooger® effects modules, Etherwave® theremins, Taurus Bass Pedals and The Moog Lap Steel and The Moog Guitar. Bob Moog’s innovative spirit permeates the entire culture of the company he founded. Moog Music designs and manufactures its products in downtown Asheville, North Carolina.


LP_Stage_StageII_v3_12_680_Update_OSX.zip2.49 MB
Slim_v3_12_680_Update_OSX.zip2.43 MB
LP_Tribute_v3_12_680_Update_OSX.zip2.49 MB
LP_Stage_StageII_v3_12_680_Update_WIN.zip2.53 MB
Slim_v3_12_680_Update_WIN.zip2.54 MB
LP_Tribute_v3_12_680_Update_WIN.zip2.48 MB


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Can the voyager perform a polyphonic sustain as in the video above? Please implement!
Can the voyager perform a polyphonic sustain as in the video above? Please implement!
my little PL said [Send fireware sx Code error 2] it that mean i have to update this one,i am stock now !!!
I have just brought a Little Phatty Stage II and holding down 'Master' while powering it on is not putting it into bootloading mode. Please help!
I don't even know what you are talking about, perhaps it's your grammar.
Do not download this if you haven't back up factory sounds, it will change Arpeggiator Mode presets and old ones are gone forever so far. Do not hope in assistance they not even know what you are talking about
Hi! Please help me... I have a LP stage 2 version 2. I done all the steps for the update to version 3.1 and it doesn't work... The panel don't show me the names of the sounds and the sounds does not work. I did again and again firmware update but nothing Please help me
I have just brought a Little Phatty Stage II and holding down 'Master' while powering it on is not putting it into bootloading mode. Please help!
comment fait on pour telecharger la mise à jour dans le LP stage 2?
I have just brought the LP and i can't get it to go into 'Boot' mode ? i have held down the 'MASTER' button when turning the machine one but nothing happens ? can someone please help ?
Works great.
Really easy and useful. The firmware is really fast to install and there are very cool features. Really good Moog!
Have just flashed my LP Stage II - very simple to do, very clear instructions. Nice one Moog! Now to see what it sounds like...
Just updated my firmware to 3.1 on my Little Phatty Stage II. Good and clear instructions and even better improvements in this new OS! Well done guys!
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